Fireman fun

Lots of girls have a fantasy of sex with a fireman. ‘Sam’ became my reality, a working firefighter who met me straight from work. firemenHe was running late and when he arrived was carrying a huge holdall.

Sam is a man who likes to be in control. Not in a ‘being sir’ way but he knows what he likes and would be calling the shots. I was told to wait downstairs until he called me.

The anticipation of what I would find when I climbed the stairs was turning me on. I was already wet at the thought of him and what he may do.

As I walked into the room there he was in full outfit. Jacket, trousers, boots and of course the helmet. All with the feint smell of stale smoke mixed with sweat and tinged with soot.

I walked slowly towards him as he told me to undo the jacket. I was expecting a t shirt but was greeted with a strong powerful chest with dark hair. I ran my fingers over it and started to kiss him. Gently at first then more passionately as I wanted this man.

I slid the jacket off his shoulders and could see the braces that held the trousers up. I placed them over his nipples and pinged them hard. The look on his face was pain and pleasure and I also knew I would have that same pain returned to me later.

I slid my hands into the trousers and put my hand around his impressive cock. He was hard and throbbing as I slowly slid my hand up and down.

He kicked off his boots and told me to undress. There was no seduction about it, I wanted my clothes off so this man could touch me.

He pulled me close, kissed my lips and parted my legs with his knee. His cupped my wetness with his hand. I needed his touch but he just looked me in the eye and smiled. He moved his hand and circled my waist lifting me with ease as he carried me to the bed throwing his helmet off as we moved.

With my arms pinned above my head with just one of his hands and his leg parting me he bent down and kissed my clit and started to lick. Within seconds I could feel the orgasm building, and so could he. He slid his fingers into my wet pussy at the moment I came, squirting my juices over him.

Whilst I lay there still quivering from the intensity of the orgasm Sam started to bite my nipples. They were so sensitive to his touch and as I writhed he told me to stay still. He was still biting and teasing as he thrust hard in me. The intensity of his thrust was pure pleasure and I moaned with the exquisiteness of the feeling.

Sam filled me and took control of the rhythm. Slow and deep to then hard and fast. Each hard thrust hitting my cervix. I had my hands on his back and when I came my nails dug in. Sam murmured in pleasure but pain again as I drew blood from his back.

Sam flipped me over with ease and with the wetness of my pussy now all over his cock he slowly and gently slid into my arse. He held me close and nibbled and kissed at my ears and neck whilst slowly building his pace. Using his thumb on my clit, getting firmer with his touch in line with his thrusts. I came hard again and Sam had the look of accomplishment on his face. He then slapped my arse hard. Several times until a red handprint was visible. His revenge!

Now was his turn. I was told to lie on my back and he climbed towards me. He took my hand and controlled the pace he wanted on his cock. Then he told me to lick and suck his balls. Feeling them, touching them with hands, tongue and lips all the time still playing with his cock. I then moved and licked and kissed just past his balls towards his arse. That lick was one too much. Sam exploded all over me and moaned with a deep guttural sound.

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Fireman fun

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