Making Love!

I watched a series on TV recently based back in The War of the Roses times, I’m rather a big fan of historical TV series The Tudors being my fave.

I always watch these program’s and think how much times have changed, for instance it comes across that in olden times women were objects of desire and were to heal to their men’s every whim, have children and then were cast aside for a younger model, this particular episode was about The king to be coming across a women from a well off family but she was a widow, she was asking for land owed to her from her husband, he took a shine to her and had to ‘have her’.
Obviously back in them days if men wanted it they just took it, he tried as the kings did back then but she would not allow and stood her ground, he ended up falling in love with her marrying her and she became queen to his mothers dissatisfaction.
I was watching a scene after the king had married his queen and they were making love, in a big four poster bed and I started thinking wow that looks so sensual, I commented to ‘Sir’ about it and said ‘ wow sex in the movies always looks so sensual and romantic’.
I’m not sure where this came from I’m much more of a variation girl enjoy a good hard fuck, it started to worry me for a few days.
Anyway when sir and I were next together we decided to try it on for size, and it was mind blowing I have never made love like that before in fact I don’t think I have ever made love it was a totally new experience for me which I loved.

I believe there should be variation in any type of relationship in order to keep it fresh, and always be willing to try new things.

B x


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Making Love!

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