Yesterday’s Affair

None were, as usual. So I texted my “coffee friend”…the married man that I have been “on the fence” over…and pondering an intimate affair with….

Sure enough, it was very difficult for him to get away from the wife and kids on a Sunday afternoon…but within a half hour, he texted me to let me know he was on his way. I had not planned on HIM being the one that would be able to get away…I assumed it would be one of the three single men that I…get together…with on occasion…

When I read his, “Cn b thr in 20 min”, I wasn’t sure what to do…I nearly panicked, knowing that MY text had said I wanted to fuck and that nobody else was available…Did I really want to fuck this man? Oh, gawd, what had I gotten myself into this time? Well, what I had gotten myself into was a sexy, tiny thong, no bra, and a very horny state…and here it was going to be satiated by a married man? YIKES!

I called my husband to let him know that I was at the beach and would be walking along the trail, without the phone. Then I waited. And absolutely FREAKED! I nearly drove away! When Steve arrived, he left his car parked at the beach and joined me in mine, a minivan being roomier than a BMW. We chatted for a while, completely comfortable with each other, and again, I wondered what was holding me back from fucking this man…

Oh yeah, the wife and two kids!! But, is that not his issue? Not mine? I told him, in frustration, how the last 24 hours had panned out for me and my hormones (hmm….being stood up works so well!!) He was, as most married men I know, quite understanding of the single men’s’ issues and lack of consideration…and at that point, he told me that a walk and a crisp, cold breeze would do me well… I laughed at him trying to diffuse my anger, but went along with his suggestion…a walk would do me good! I could vent through exercise!!

We locked up the van and began walking. As I told him more and more about my day, I got more and more frustrated with the single men I know. One, while still considered a friend, had been severely absent lately. Another had had a death in the family that I was not convinced was true…me cynical, or him lying?? …still undecided…and yet another had had a BBQ to attend — over sex?? Could I be blamed for feeling less than sexy and feminine?

But as I discussed my frustrations, Steve moved closer, laughing at my misery, and making me laugh at it too! That was the best thing about him…he could make me laugh at myself, and never took me seriously! He howled at me getting stuck in the old friend with benefits’ driveway, and laughed more at me getting OUT of the driveway!! I had to laugh with him!

Then, while we were both laughing, the dynamic changed….it was as though the air had been deflated, and we were both left looking at the other in the deflated image, trying to decide how to proceed…Steve took the choice away by leaning in to kiss me…the kiss was so passionate and “furtive” that it nearly had me wet enough to receive him then and there! As he kissed me, my hand rubbed across the fabric of his jeans, feeling his hardness…

I suggested going back to my van to continue what we had begun, telling him about a “toy” I had in the van…a vibrator that attached to my tongue. Once in the van, I placed the toy on my tongue, as he undid his jeans…and sat relaxed into the back seat. On my hands and knees in front of him, I brought my head to his lap, with my tongue vibrating and buzzing…I blew hot, moist breath on the head of his cock, slowly moving my mouth down the length of the shaft, without touching him…

After about 5 minutes of running my open mouth up and down over his cock without touching it, I finally allowed my lips to brush against him in a feathery wisp of contact. Slowly, I put more pressure, still running my tongue and lips over his length…Finally, I placed my lips around the head and sucked the length into my mouth. When he started to thrust his hips upward to meet my mouth, I knew I needed to fuck him, to feel him…I slid my mouth off his cock, leaving a trace of saliva down my chin…and moved beside him on my hands and knees, opening a condom for him.

He took the invitation as it was intended, and quickly moved behind me, plunging his middle finger inside my wet pussy while unrolling the condom over his length with the other hand. Once he was fitted in the condom, he replaced his finger with his cock, sliding in deeply, thrusting quickly, and resuming the rhythm I had interrupted when my mouth left his cock. At the same time, he rubbed his finger against my ass, slowly increasing the pressure.

I started to move against him more, rocking back and forth on my knees in front of him, getting more and more turned on by his touches…I could tell he was getting very close to orgasm by the speed, the depth, the moans and groans…by the finger, now in my ass, playing quickly but gently…and I too was getting quite close…and began to move away, slowing the intensity and depth…

He pulled out with a groan, to my horror! Fuck, fuck, fuck!! I was SO close!! But then, he removed a hand from my hip, and I felt the head of his cock against my ass, gently pushing, seeking, and stretching…until he was in…then he started to thrust, still gently…pushing further and further, until I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy. He increased the pace, working faster and faster…when he leaned into me to put his arm around my waist to reach my clit, rubbing it with the same frenzied pace, that was my undoing! His too, by the weight of his collapse into my back, the moans and curses into my hair…

For moments, he stayed there, collapsed against me, stretched out on my back with his head over my shoulder, panting hot breath down my neck…then finally he gently lifted himself, and eased his flaccid penis, condom still in place, out of my silky wetness. I moved to take the condom off, and he spasmed at the touch…Quickly, I moved my tongue (still with the vibrator) to his bare cock, and sucked on him a few times in appreciation…

See, there are also benefits to a married man, I thought…and I had certainly enjoyed myself more than with any of my single “friends”!!

Yesterday's Affair
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Yesterday's Affair
I went for a long drive today, and ended up, mid-afternoon, at some little bay, watching the sea splashing...along the way, I had called a few "play" friends to see if they were available to "help a girl out".
Jon The Nudist
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Yesterday’s Affair

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