Odaxelagnia sexual arousal through biting



I like biting I like to bite I like to be bitten. The scientific name for this is Odaxelagnia. According to Wikipedia odaxelagnia is a paraphilia. A paraphilia is derived from the Greek para meaning alongside and Philia meaning friend so associated with or related to.

OdaxelagniaBasically paraphilia is any fetish deemed outside the ‘norm’ over the next few weeks I’m going to explore some of the phelias In more detail, starting with Wikipedia then the net as appropriate. Some Philia’s are rightly illegal as they revolve around the abuse of others without consent so we’ll be steering clear of those. The ones that are less damaging or taboo will be explored.

Also if they sound like fun and ‘she’ can be convinced and its not illegal then it might also be physically explored too!!

Anyway back to the biting. Wiki suggests its related to vampire lifestyles , for me vampirism never crossed my mind its always been about the pain / pleasure boundary and control / submission play.

She however instantly went into a vampire conversation as soon as I mentioned it so it just goes to show whilst you’re thinking one thing and having your own experience the other party could be having a totally different experience.

Wikipedia says:-

Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia concerning sexual arousal through biting, or being bitten.It has associations with vampire lifestyles, but does not necessarily involve bloodletting.

Glamour magazine had the following article which personally I found a little patronising and dictatorial, it’s written as if they have a rulebook to abide by. I disagree with several of the points including the penis being off limits, just make sure your know where, how hard and how long / often you’re partner wants to be bitten!

Here’s the article:

OdaxelagniaLong before Edward and Bella started gnawing on each other on the big screen, biting during sex has been a sign of passion. It’s a little naughty and a lot hot—the perfect way to show him how much he turns you on. I’ve broken down the move into three categories so you can experiment with the one that works for you.


Men’s erogenous zones are often overlooked, so show him what a giver you are by playfully and gently biting his neck. Unless he loves turtlenecks (and for your sake, I hope they’re not mock), do NOT give him a hickey. Hickies went out of fashion with the ’80s.


While you’re making out, test the waters to see if he likes a little teeth with that tongue. Nibble on his lips and up the ante by moaning to let him know how badly you want him.

Oh Baby!:

In case you’re not ready to administer love bites all over his bod (remember, the penis is OFF LIMITS), you can gently drag your teeth over his shoulders in between sensual open-mouth kisses on his skin. If he moans with pleasure, try a nip here and there to maintain his arousal. Whatever you do, don’t gnaw, chew or hold on for too long; there’s a fine line between sexy and flat-out uncool.

Interesting they went for the vampire opening but i guess it’s an obvious link. I’d just not thought of it before.

I’d have to personally agree with the ‘love bites’ comment but they’re more from sucking than biting anyhow.

This whole series will not be to everyone’s taste, that’s what I suppose defines a paraphilia as outside the norm. I shall try not to be patronising and even if its not my cup of tea present the facts as I find them.

Lets see what’s next…..

Odaxelagnia sexual arousal through biting
Article Name
Odaxelagnia sexual arousal through biting
I like biting I like to bite I like to be bitten. The scientific name for this is Odaxelagnia. According to Wikipedia odaxelagnia is a paraphilia
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Odaxelagnia sexual arousal through biting

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