Question on female perspective

During my ‘research’ for I’ve been following a variety of people on twitter. Starting off with #tags with words such as fetish or bdsm I have discovered a much broader world than I realised.

What do I mean by that? Well I’m pretty open minded, I guess you have to be to run a sex toy site! I wasn’t aware of how nuanced certain fetishes were, cuckolds for example and sissys. You get sissy men who want to be dominated by women those that want men and those that want both.

As a boy I gained access to a variety of pornography as I’m sure many teenagers do. I managed to source magazines, video, audio and literature. What I find interesting is that the magazines and videos were ‘discovered’ from Male relatives the audio and literature from female.

With the explosion of the Internet it is far easier to gain access to other people who share your peccadillo and fetishes, my question is :- is it men that predominantly lead this or are there women out there actively seeking it?

Example. Man wants to be cuckold and seeks a partner. Is there equally a women out there with the same desires or does she accept that this is what her man wants, that its a win situation for her and goes along with it?

Another example:-
Man wants to be a sissy, wants to be made to dress up in his partners clothes and humiliated. Are there women out there actively wanting to emasculate men in this way and do they find the image of a man dressed as such a turn on or is it that the act of satisfying the other becomes the turn on?

I’m not suggesting women just follow men I’m just saying we are motivated sexually by different things, hence why playboy is huge and play girl never took off.

I’d appreciate some female perspective on this please so feel free to educate me!




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Question on female perspective

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