Morning Sex

I watched him sleeping for a moment; the man I pledged to spend my life with. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. No worries on his face over the bank account, the broken down car or the responsibilities to provide for and protect his wife and daughters. Just simple peace. I love these stolen moments. There is only he and I and not a care in the world. They are fewer and far between these days so savoring them is all that more important.

I snuggled up closer to him and kissed him on the forehead.

“Baby, wake up,” I said. “It’s 10:30.”

He opened one eye and peeked at me. My husband is not a morning person. I snuggled closer yet and smiled at him. He sheepishly grinned at me. He knew what I wanted it. We so rarely get a Saturday morning together and while our daughters were well occupied with their second hour of SpongeBob and toast with chocolate peanut butter, we had time to be just us.

“What do you want?” he asked his voice husky from little use.

“I want you,” I said, smiling playfully.

“Ah. Well. Let me go pee.

He got up and put on his adorable pajama bottoms. They’re black with broken gingerbread men on then and they say “Oh Snap!” He was so proud of that purchase. One of the things I love most about him is that like me, he maintains some childhood innocence, a playfulness that makes him a wonderful father and keeps that special light in his eyes.

I listened as he did his business and then washed his hands. He took a moment to brush his teeth. Our girls heard him up and came to tell their Daddy good morning, then went right back to SpongeBob. He came back into our room and locked the door behind him. I smiled at him and winked. He took of his pants and climbed back into bed with me.

He kissed me deeply and thoroughly. He still has the ability to make me melt with a kiss. He hid under the covers and began his assault on my nipples. He sucked one into his mouth and gently teased me with his tongue. The other he twisted roughly between his thumb and forefinger and I gasped in pain. He swapped breasts and tortured me further. He dipped his hand between my legs and found me wet and ready. He kissed me more, leaving my lips from time to time to kiss and bite my neck, my collarbone and shoulders.

He positioned himself between my legs and slipped inside me. We both moaned with pleasure. I from the feeling of being filled by the man I love and him from the feeling of being buried deep within my hot, wet center. He began to move slowly, kissing me more as he moved within me. I love the way he kisses. It’s as though he breaths his soul into mine.

He took his time. We were in no hurry. He made love to me slowly and passionately and I could feel myself become one with him, our rhythms matching, our souls entwining, two hearts who have known each other so long beating together. We moaned and sighed and as he leaned back and teased my clit I came for him.

But he wasn’t done with me yet. He’d shown me his love and worshipped me. Now he would take me the way he wanted, faster and harder. He pushed my legs back and picked up his pace, going from love making to fucking. I love it all. Slow and tender, fast and hard. He knows that and it would seem that in our morning of just us, he would show it all to me.

In the midst of fucking me, he decided he needed a taste and pushed my ankles up to my ears and licked my pussy until I came again. He kissed me again and I moaned at the pleasure of tasting myself on his lips. He flashed me a devious smile and then flipped me over on my belly. He teased my clit some more with his fingers and tongue. I had cum twice but my greedy pussy was already hungry for more.

He reached across me and pulled something out of the drawer of his night stand. A dildo. I grinned. He hadn’t used toys on me in a while. He slid it slowly inside me. It was thicker and wider than him and the feeling of being fuller was wonderful. He fucked me with it for a moment and then pulled it out and fucked me with his cock again. He alternated like this a few times. It was driving me wild. It was as though he were teasing me.

Finally, he put the dildo back in and then added his cock. I was stretched in a way I hadn’t been before. And so very full. I could feel pressure on my g-spot and the back of my clit. I began to pant. He wasn’t even moving yet and I was already so close to the edge.

He grabbed onto my hips and fucked me roughly. Each thrust and his pelvis forced the dildo in deeper and then back out a little with each withdraw of his cock. My clit felt like it was ready to explode. I was writing beneath him, still panting, whimpering for release. I felt his cock stiffen and jerk inside me. His pace became more erratic. I reached beneath me a stroked my clit. I came so hard I cried out, my pelvis gyrating and my pussy clenching around him and the dildo with spasm after intense spasm as the orgasm washed over me in waves.

When I finally stilled, he pulled out of me and then removed the dildo. He cleaned me up and patted my ass. My limbs felt boneless and I stayed where I was for a long while, ass in the air, knees beneath me.

“Come here, baby,” said my husband.

I struggled to comply. He tucked in into his shoulder and wrapped his arm around me. I put an arm across his chest and with his free hand he rubbed that arm while his other hand traced lazy circles on my bare arm and shoulder.

I’ve known him for twenty-three years and I’ve been married to him for thirteen and yet this man, my husband, the father of my children, is continually a wondrous surprise of passion and love. I am truly a blessed woman.

– SirsPrincess19 

Story Teller

Story Teller

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Morning Sex

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