This is no salad eating rabbit!

I love love love this vibrator! This is my second toy and my first rabbit. With all the positive things I have heard about rabbits and the fact that everyone in these reviews were satisfied it really encouraged me to make this purchase… plus the price is pretty good.

Product we ordered is hereĀ 

It comes in nice plain packaging as with all you only wetter products so no prying eyes form the postman.

My boyfriend and I unwrapped it and were impressed by the size and weight. This is a substantial product and seriously good quality. We put in the batteries (included with all youonlywetter products so no annoying trips to the garage when it arrives!) Its a nice looking thing too, all chrome and clear rubber, space age and not at all tacky.

I mostly reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation but was intrigued to find out how this would feel inside with all its bells and whistles.

I can tell you that I came really quickly with the rabbit ears on my clit. It took just a few minutes and it was really powerful, I’ve used it loads on my own and with my boyfriend but we have also used it penetratively to. The balls and rotating motion is something else especially if somebody else is controlling the in and out motion. I came like this at least twice although it wasn’t as intense an orgasm as with ears.

We used it during sex and I was really turned on having had three or four orgasms before we actually got down to fucking. My boyfriend said he could feel the vibrations from my clit through my pussy and onto his cock which made it good for him too.

Overall I (we) really like this product. I’ve listed my pro’s and cons below to give you a fair overview but if you are in the market for your first rabbit then I would say definitely buy this one its quality and packs a serious vibration.
-Spinning head that can go both directions
-Pearl beads in the shaft feel GREAT!
-Clit stimulator has 2 speeds and it’s soft… it doesn’t hurt to use and it doesn’t poke… it tickles!
-The material it’s made out of feels pretty real… soft and squashy but not too soft and squishy…
-Not a strong smell
-Easy controls
-Delivery was quick Next day!!!

-I wish the shaft/head vibrated just for an extra option but I guess this would compormise the roations?
-Not waterproof

I would recommend this item to anyone especially people who are curious about rabbits or who is just ready for some FUN!


Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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This is no salad eating rabbit!

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