Tonight is to be a gentle night. No rough play within reason and no spanking. The bed is cold, already naked we entwine our limbs for warmth. The simple act of flesh on flesh creates an instant erection and before my hand reaches her pussy I know she’ll be wet. Running my hand up her thigh as we kiss I my finger slides easily into her and confirms what I already new.

We kiss passionately, full mouthed, biting, nibbling, small pecks of affection and tongues entwined, the warmth of our bodies soon increases as does the bed temperature. Our hands explore each other, my fingers entering her sliding the wetness around feeling its viscosity between my finger tips, her hand caresses me, fingers stroking my balls, running along my length and nails lightly tickling the tip. I raise my fingers to my mouth and taste her, my cock grows instantly harder and I moan. I need to taste more of her now and I slide down next to her kissing as I go my mouth seeking her hot wet slot.

She’s already soaking and I take a few enthusiastic licks, tasting the hot sticky juices as they coat my tongue and lips. I run my tongue over her clit, seeking my way under the hood and rolling the delicate pink bud around under my tongue, the back down to the pussy itself probing, trying to get as deep into her as I can as she moans in response.

I feel greedy, I want it all and I want it now, kissing her I wanted my mouth upon her as soon as I taste her its not enough and I want to be inside her, the warmth and velvety wetness enveloping me. I urgently kiss my way back up her body pausing to nibble momentarily on each nipple, again the urgency takes over and I can’t resist pushing my cock deep inside her. She gasps as it finds her deepest point. Still I’m hungry for more, I lift her legs pushing her knees up and allowing myself to plunge even deeper. I know from the eye contact that this is deep but every miniscule wince is immediately followed by a flicker of pleasure and I know I’m right on the limit of the line between pleasure and pain, I know she likes how this feels and I know she’s unsure of how much she can take. We rock like this for a while. My weight pushing down on her, whilst no restraint or punishment is being administered I am still clearly in control, dictating the pace and how far I penetrate her.

Moving her on to her side her legs bent up I love to watch as I slide into her, my gaze flicking from the wetness the glistens on my lenpale torsogth back to her face to watch the expressions and to enjoy the deep and meaningful eye contact we exchange. I want more, I don’t know where this urgency is coming from, her pussy feels amazing as it grips and responds to my thrusts but still the desire rushes through me. I pull her around on to her knees and position her on the bed so we are now facing the mirror on the wardrobe that stands alongside. I gently pull her hair taking to her telling her to watch me fucking her. My tattooed body still has some summer colour and with its slight covering of hair makes an interesting and stark contrast to her pale white smooth skin. Her dark nipples look striking on her small but perfect tits, naughty nipples I call them, there darkness against the white of her skin somehow looking all the more rude and sexual.

I pull her into an upright position so I can kiss her over one shoulder and we look at each other in the mirror, all the time I’m talking, telling her how amazing her body looks, how good her pussy feels and how sexy she is. We rock together like this then She is back on her knees. My hands grip her waist and I watch myself thrusting deep into her, fucking her hard and fast until my body glistens with sweat and my muscles look taught. She responds thrusting with me, I have to pull her back with my hands on her hips as the end of each thrust becomes a little too deep and she instinctively pulls away from me. Almost exhausted I roll on to my back and she responds, straddling me and taking my cock back into her wetness. Rising to meet her thrusts she takes the pace back to where we were just a few minutes earlier. We fuck like this, both our bodies now glisten with sweat and the initial cold of the sheets is a long distant memory.

I reach for the vibrator, again taking the control and pushing her on to her back, making her hold it against her clit as I raise up on my arms and continue to fuck, hard, fast, deep. The vibrations increase the intensity she feels and her hips raise to meet mine. This pleasure is amazing but I know that as we are still quite new together that she struggles to cum with me, somehow she can’t quite let go and I feel her frustrations, knowing that making her cum pleases me and turns me on. We share a similar problem so I make no comment and try my best to put her at ease. We’ve been fucking for nearly an hour and our bodies are exhausted the rhythm slows but the feeling is just as intense. She has a secret weapon in her armoury. She loves to make me cum just as much as I desire to watch her body pulse with the intensity of an orgasm. She smiles and asks me to pass her the lubricant. I comply helping to ooze the silicone on to her finger. She lays alongside me on her side with me on her back. Positioned so she has one hand holding the vibrator upon her clit and the other begins to probe my arse. She is quick and she knows I like it like this. Pushing her finger straight in it is my turn to gasp as she pushes it all the way to the hilt the tip of her middle finger finding my p-spot.

I give her an honest response telling her how amazing it feels. It’s like switching from Mono to Dolby surround sound. All the feelings from moments ago are magnified, my cock is instantly harder, the orgasm that was languishing deep in my genitals always slightly out of reach is suddenly at the forefront and I know its just a matter of seconds before I will want to cum. I tell her this and she soothes with words of encouragement. I wank faster as she tells me she wants me to cum, rubbing my p-spot in small rythmic circles pushing upwards and forwards inside me.

I explode in intense bursts the hot cum hitting my belly and chest in violent spurts. She prolongs my orgasm just enough with her finger, sliding it out as the final pulses fire along my length.

I am sated, soon through time we’ll reach the same point together, she has cum for me but not this time. Soon it will be everytime. It’ll be even more amazing knowing that her orgasm is hard won and that we have worked together through mutual want to find out what exactly makes the other tick…..

Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site www.velvetlibrary.co.uk

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