Max Davenport Erotic Story Competition Story 2

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Like a river of mercury, she flowed around the corner out of the bathroom and into the bedroom with a sense of unstoppable purpose.  Her tight body reflected the light from the flickering miniature blazes that danced on the candles next to him.  Each sauntered step begged him to embrace her in his arms with an instinctually animalistic roughness.  He couldn’t.  The taught nylon ropes grounded him as they groaned against the headboard while he struggled against their tension.  His immobilization was nonnegotiable.

Like a live bomb that hadn’t yet detonated, her presence standing at the foot of the bed was inescapable.  She was all that existed to him.  Her next move was detonation.  Hand over hand.  Knee over knee.  She crawled over him until her mouth was inches from his.  A hot, humid breath poured out from her lips and fell onto his.  He tried to reach up to catch her mouth with a kiss, but the nylon and her hand on his chest would not allow it.

“I’m going to put your dick in my mouth.  If you don’t cooperate and use your mouth on me the way I like it, I’m going to stop.  Do you understand?”

Her voice contained the elements of a breathy desire, a commanding sense of control, and the deeply instinctual craving she had for him.

“Yes. Yes, I understand. Please.”

An astounded sense of obedience clouded his voice.  As a receipt for his compliance, he received a passionately aggressive kiss while her warm pussy grinded against his ridged cock.  She released a soft moan as her lips departed his.

Knowing that she would soon taste the wetness that she had just spread on his dick, she grabbed his chin, locked eyes with him and purred:

“If I swallow more of your cum than you do of mine, I’ll have to punish you even more.”

Arms restrained. Ankles knotted.  He wanted nothing more than to feel her lips wrap around the base of his dick.  He wanted to pull her clit to his desiring tongue and taste her as her wetness transformed from casual arousal to an irrational, gushing desire for him.

She could give him what he wanted.  She could tease him.  To her, the fun of feeling him struggle against the nylon simply trying to please her brought a smile to her face.  As she slipped the head of his dick into her mouth, the warm sensation of his tongue met her clit.  One slow and deep movement brought nearly all of him into her mouth.  As she moved her head back up his shaft, he felt a moan escape from her throat.  It vibrated along his cock as her thighs pushed her clit into his mouth.

Wanting to tease her as much as she had teased him, his tongue began softly.  Almost too soft to notice, but Terri could feel it.  She felt him breathe heavily on her lips.  She felt his tongue slide between them and onto her clit.  It was soft, but it was deliberate, teasing her in precisely in the way she taught him.

As he continued to lap away at her clit, he could feel her momentum starting to build.  Her hand slid easily down the wet shaft as her mouth insatiably tried to envelope as much of it as possible, he could feel his orgasm approaching.  He wanted to fight it.  He wanted her come first, but the nylon prevented him from resisting her.

His tongue began to move more forcefully and rhythmically along her clit.  Each lick followed by a warm exhale.  He couldn’t resist her perfect movements, but he could distract her.  His hands reached as far as the nylon would allow and found a firm grip on the outside of her thighs.  Pulling her into him, he exhaled a deep moan as his tongue thrashed against her clit bringing her closer to her own orgasmic edge.  His entire mouth vibrated with each involuntary moan that escaped from his chest, out of his mouth, and onto her pussy.

She knew he was trying to resist coming for her.  And while she appreciated his efforts, Terri knew he was fighting a losing battle.  She could see his legs starting to involuntarily tense and release.  His dick was like a stick of dynamite in her hand.  She knew she could light the fuse whenever she chose.  A slight increase in her speed and the right moan from her mouth would send him spiraling over the edge.

“Make me come.” She ordered before sliding his dick back into her mouth.

Her authoritative voice clouded her own approaching climax, but didn’t hide it completely.  John could taste it coming.  Every time his mouth brought her to orgasm, he could taste her arousal.  There was something different about the way she tasted when her mind lost control of her body.   She could try to pretend.  She could try to avoid it or attempt to hide it, but eventually her wetness would betray her.  He could taste it coming.  His tongue was glazed with it as he continued to worship her clit.  As she finally released herself, his attempt at resisting her own efforts failed.

A final stroke and she felt the first pulse.  His dick began to palpitate as his legs and stomach struggled beneath her.  Without hesitation she slowed her movements and accepted his cum into her mouth.  Each spurt was another small note of satisfaction, another victory in their competition that had no losers.

As she felt him orgasming beneath her, his mouth continued as well.  Feeling his mouth on her pussy and him coming at the same time brought her rushing back towards the brink.  With each pulsation from his dick, she felt another lick from his mouth.  Tasting his arousal and feeling his mouth on her finally pushed her over the edge.

An explosion from her clit rippled through her body as her legs involuntarily moved her pussy to his mouth.  He could taste her wetness dripping from her as she came into his mouth.  He greedily licked and swallowed, attempting to savor every drop of her.

Feeling the last pulse from his dick, she slowly stroked him one last time into her mouth, ensuring that nothing was wasted.  Terri braced her hands on the bed and sat up, pushing her pussy against his mouth.  Instinctually, he continued to suck and lick until she slowly pulled herself from him.

Turning around while straddling his chest, she uttered:

“Well, I didn’t think you could do it, but you might have actually swallowed more from me than I did from you.  You might get a reward for that.”

Leaning over him, her left breast lingered just inches out of his tongue’s reach, he still struggled against the nylon.  Her rigid nipple was nearly mocking him as he attempted to kiss it, even once.  As she leaned over, he felt her hand trace his shoulder, to his arm, to his wrist.  Her soft fingers found themselves under the rope and began to untie one of the knots.

“Now if you continue to be good, I might even let you have the other hand as well.” Terri purred as she sat back onto him and began to grind against his cock.  As she sat up, her fingers followed the lines of his muscles down his chest and stomach until was fully upright.

Finally finding some limited freedom, John’s hand rushed to feel the soft skin of her thigh.  His hand quickly grazed her thigh softly before finding a firm grip and her perfectly round ass.  He tried to pull her back up so that he could lick her clit and pussy again.

“Oh, you’d like that again wouldn’t you?” her voice made it clear she wasn’t feeling that generous.

“Yes please.  I need to taste you again.”  His lips still glistened from her wetness as he begged for more.

“If you want that again, you’re going to have to earn it.”

With that, she put his middle finger deep into her mouth.  His eyes were locked onto hers while he remembered just how talented her mouth was.  She slowly yet deliberately pulled his finger from her mouth with one final slurp.  Her mouth was just twenty-two inches from her pussy, yet it took her over ten seconds to put his glisteningly-wet hand onto her clit.  Her movement was measured and specific.

Finally touching her, he could feel her clit swell with excitement.  A soft moan escaped her mouth.  Her previously assertive demeanor shuddered for a moment as she felt his finger swirl in a feather-light circle.  Almost as if he had found a remote control for her pleasure, his finger commanded her moans and movements.  Each tiny circle around her clit brought another bite of her lip, another fervent breath, another pinch of her nipple.

As her excitement continued to build, she looked down and caught his eyes.  She looked almost stressed.  Her brow was furrowed.  Her mouth gaped open as if she was about to moan, but nothing came out except for shallow, lascivious breaths.  One hand still held her left breast as her other firmly gripped his wrist, almost as if she feared he would stop or slow for even a moment.

“Did you want to say something baby?”  His voice reverberated with authority.  Even from a few feet away, she could feel the deep vibrations of his words.

“… No… it just feels good…”  Her words were sporadic and unfocused.  Her tone was shallow and her pitch was high.  She couldn’t break the trance his fingers placed on her.

“Good.  Now I’m going to make you come again, because I’m going to need you really wet in a minute.  And if you don’t come from my fingers, I won’t let you put my dick inside you.  Do you understand?”

Somehow, even with three limbs still tied, John’s fingers had assumed control.  Her eyes fluttered.  Closed for a second, then barely reopening in attempts to maintain focus.  She fell forward.  Her arms caught her body by gripping the bed on either side of his head.  Her lips grazed his ear as they panted shallowly.

“I didn’t hear an answer.  If you want me to fuck you, you need to come for me first.  Do you understand?”  John nearly growled as his fingers continued to steal her focus.

“Yes. I want it.” The tremors in her voice contrasted the deep reverberations in his.

“If you get wet enough for me, I’ll need you to untie me so I can fuck you harder than last time.”  Suggesting to make her come with his dick taunted her as she approached another orgasm.
“Is this wet enough?” She struggled to form the words in between her gasping moans.

Feeling her legs tense and release, he knew she was nearing orgasm.  His still restrained hand, only inches from her head clawed its way to her hair.  With a firm grip in her brown locks above her neck, his hand tightly pulled her hair until his face was only inches from hers.  The fingers from his other hand continued their soft circling of her clit.  Tiny drops slowly dripped from her pussy landing on his shaft.

“Come for me now.  If you want me to fuck you, come on me now.” His voice growled in what sounded like a harmony with her carnal moans.

“Yeah… I wanna come.  Please! Yeah!” Her pitch rose with each syllable.  Her legs convulsed and tensed while her skin glistened and glowed with sweat.  A final moan exploded from her chest like a cork from a champagne bottle, an unanticipated release that preceded the flood of ecstasy and release of her orgasm.  Her body collapsed.

As the last palpitations rippled through her body, John licked his fingers clean.  Savoring his spoils, he met her eyes as she regained consciousness.

“Think I’m wet enough for you now?” Terri’s voice had lost its tremor as her hands carefully untied his remaining limbs.  She rolled onto her back and pulled his body onto her.  He didn’t answer her question, but instead slid his rigid dick along her wet opening and recovering clit.  With a hand on his neck and another on his hip, she leaned up to kiss him.  Despite her seemingly soft demeanor, her body moved with purpose and desire.

“I’m pretty sure you promised you’d fuck me if I came for you.”  Terri’s voice rode on a hot, wet breath into John’s ear.

“You think you’re ready for it?  I’m not sure if you’re wet enough.  I want to be able to slide all the way in you…” He teased her as the tip of his dick nearly entered her opening before quickly slipping out and back along her clit.

His hands pulled her wrists from his body and held them firmly against the bed on either side of her head.  His warm breath struck her ear.  With a final stroke, his dick was back at the opening to her perfectly wet pussy.

“If I fuck you now, the only place I’m going to come is deep inside you; so I’m going to need your pussy to make me come.  Can you handle that?”  His dick was now a single thrust from being completely inside of her.

“Yes… please.  I promise.  I want your cum inside of me.  Please fuck me.”  Her hips begged him more than her voice, They bucked towards his stiff cock, attempting to take him inside of her.

“Good.”  With that single word, he plunged himself into her.  Her wetness offered no resistance.  Almost as if he had pushed it out of her, she moaned with a carnal desire.  His hips pressed against hers.

He began thrusting slowly into her.  Each movement was deliberate and hard, yet nothing was quick.  He could feel her pussy begin to tense in anticipation of accepting his cum.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” He spoke into her ear.  His movements continued slowly, but forcefully.

“I want you to come.  I want your cum in me.” Her voice was breathy.  Her sentences seemed uncontrolled and unthought.  They were instinctual reactions to her body’s desires.

“Tell me specifically where you want me to come.” He knew what she wanted, but he needed to hear her say it.  He began to fuck her harder.  His thrusts built speed and intensity.

“I want you to fuck me hard and come as deep as you can inside of me.”  A shallow moan poured onto his neck.

“If I come in you, you’d better fucking come again.  I’ll need that if you want me to give you what you’re asking for.”

“Yeah I wanna come again.  Just put your cum in me and I’ll come again.”  Her words were pleading moans.

The bed groaned under the pressure of their carnality.  He felt her body tense and pussy contract.  Her hips bucked into his, trying to fuck him harder and faster, trying to give her what she wanted, trying to make him come.  She felt his cock tensing inside of her.

“I think you’re ready for it.  You still want my cum in you?”  His previously deep and authoritative voice now held a slight tremor.

“Yes… Please!  I want it.  Please come as deep as you can in me.”  With these last words, he felt her pussy start to convulse in ecstasy as waves of orgasmic pleasure poured from her g-spot throughout her body.  His dick followed suit.

With a final grunting moan and several deep thrusts, his dick erupted inside of her.  Each pulsation unleashed another wave of mind-shattering release through his body.  His hands released her wrists, allowing her to finally wrap her arms around him.  For a few moments, they simply laid together and listened to each other’s panting breaths, still physically intertwined and connected.  Terri’s hands softly caressed his back.

“I’m so fucking in love with you.”  His tone was a matter-of-fact.  She smiled and kissed his cheek.  Rolling onto their sides, they held each other before falling asleep as the dancing flames of the candles burnt out.




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Max Davenport Erotic Story Competition Story 2

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