Vulva massage, what is it?

Vulva massage, what is it?6392_600x400

Pussy massage, or as I like to affectionately say “vulva massage” just happens to be my favorite kind of massage, and the only sort of massage that I will indulge in on an almost daily basis. Aside from just feeling really good, there are wondrous arrays of emotional and physiological benefits associated with a good old-fashioned vulva massage.

3 reasons vulva massages are good for you

#1 It is emotionally and psychologically healing for women to feel comfortable enough with their bodies to enjoy touching their genitals in both a sexual and non-sexual way.

Back when we were little toddlers, before our sex-negative cultural conditioning was firmly established in our psyches, we touched our vulvas with blissful abandon. Completely free of any sense of guilt, shame, or even self-consciousness, we enjoyed the innocent exploration of our bodies, especially this mysterious area that felt so nice to hold and handle.

By massaging our vulvas on a regular basis, we not only inform our intellectual minds that this is happy & healthy thing to do, but we also inform our emotional body that this is an acceptable activity, thereby healing some of that painful misinformation we received as children so long ago.

#2 Regular full body massage is known to have physically healing, regenerative and even therapeutic effects on the cellular tissue of the body. If we are stressed out and tense, physical massage is usually a great way to relax the muscles and heal that stress related tension. Massage also acts to increase blood flow and circulation in the tissue being massaged, as well as help with stimulating the lymphatic system to support it’s work in carrying toxins out of the body. If massage works to do all of these things to other areas of your body, imagine what it can do for your genitals!

1090504_com_istock_000-1#3 Recent studies have shown that women have as much erectile tissue in our “sexual pleasure organs” as a man has in his penis. And, it can take as much as 20-45 minutes before all of that erectile tissue is fully engorged and ready for action. Vulva massage helps with a woman’s ability to fully respond to sexual stimulation by ensuring that all of her “pleasure centers” are primed and pumped!

I find it so very interesting that the primary function of “female viagra” is to increase blood flow and circulation in the sexual organs so that a woman can feel more sexual pleasure and sensation. I have had many female students report an increase in libido and sexual pleasure when they began to actively give themselves vulva massage in both a sexual and non-sexual manner.

With all of those amazing benefits, you would think that women would be having vulva massages on regular basis!


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Vulva massage, what is it?

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