10 Paddling Tips

1. Begin any paddling session with a bare hand (or softer toy) warm up. Unless you are playing with (or are yourself) a heavy Whipsmasochist, the bottom will appreciate the warm up, and you’ll enjoy the time getting intimate and familiar with their anatomy.

2. Safe Word, Safe Word, Safe Word. When you’ve played with someone for years, you can play without some kind of safe word they can use to tell you to stop. It’s your job to judge their feedback to know how fast or slow to go – but they should always have a way of saying “enough”. And “no”, “stop”, or “ouch” are NOT safewords.

3. Wide paddles mean a lot of force spread out over a larger area. They tend to be louder, and heavier. That generally means you can swing harder as the play goes on, without doing as much damage – but it also means you can impact with a lot more force. It also means diffusing the force of each swing into a larger muscle mass – so less of a sharp pain and more of a rough one. Thinner paddles deliver that same area into a much smaller space – so dial back the power in the beginning, or start with a wider paddle.

4. Avoid the Hard Spots! Kidneys, Tailbone, and hips are definite no-no’s when using the paddle on the rear end. You can actually do some pretty serious damage with hitting those parts. The point of a paddle is to take something hard (the paddle) and apply it to something soft (the butt, thighs, or [gently!] the breasts…). If you’re hitting a body part that’s hard to the touch, you’re probably damaging your bottom’s bottom.

paddle5. Space Out the Smacks. Space out the harder smacks with softer, gentler strokes. Nerves can quickly get over-loaded, and become numb. When that bottom becomes numb, the spanking is pretty much done – skilled Tops stretch out the play longer by alternating the power of the swings and the placement of the smacks.

6. Keep a Rhythm – Then Don’t. When you spank with absolutely no rhythm whatsoever, you make it hard for your bottom to really get into the swing of things. The key is to think of it like a suite – a back-to-back listing of songs. Build a rhythm while alternating spacing and every once and a while…change the beat to something new. Build it all towards a final crescendo!

7. Harder Isn’t Always Better. When you’re hitting, start off with something gentle. Some bottoms you’ll play with aren’t up to heavy, hard swings of a two-handed paddle yet! And if you give it to them too hard, you’ll wind up losing someone to play with pretty quickly. Meet your bottom where they’re at, and help them grow from there.

8. Wrist means Sting. When you want a sting, think of flicking a whip. When you swing, give the paddle a little snap of the wrist at the end of a smack, to give it that last little bit of energy that turns the smack into an extra sharp sting.

9. Follow Through means Thud. When you swing for thud, think of a tennis racket. If you follow through deep into the swing and leave bootyour wrist firm so the paddle keeps the same angle on your bottom’s bottom, you give a lot more thud. It’s like those old Hong Kong movies – “Punch through the body! “ tosses wispy white beard “Yesssss.”

10. Remember – You Should Be Having Fun Too! Eventually, whether spanking or paddling, your arm or palm are going to get tired. Paddles vibrate when you hit with them, the same as your palm would on an open handed smack. If you plan on playing all night, and mixing up spanking with toys, consider a nice cheap, sexy pair of leather gloves. They look great with everything…and they’ll dial back the wear on your hands.


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10 Paddling Tips

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