Cuckold By Book

This is a request piece for a couple from Book who he is dying to play with

I am standing in my corner, naked, with my eyes glued to the floor. This is by choice. I am allowed to look. Sometimes she even makes me look but today I am feeling a little wild and a little out of control so I am looking at the floor. My right hand is covering my cock and my left hand, as needed, is squeezing my balls hard enough and the vein under them hard enough to keep me soft.

That is the rule of the room after all.

I am her toy. I present only when she wants me.

So I am standing in the corner listening to him fuck the holy hell out of her. The bed is squeaking and he is shit talking her and slapping her and she keeps calling down gods to try to explain what it feels like to have his cock ripping her apart.

I look only once to see her bent almost in half, her long thin legs up on his shoulders, one of his huge black arms pinning her hands behind her head and the other taking turns at choking her and then slapping her face making sure she doesn’t pass out before he’s done.

He is a perpetual motion machine.

I used to distract myself by counting. Counting always helps me keep myself under control. I don’t know why. I couldn’t count this time. His cock is moving in and out of her too fast to count. And it’s been going on for almost an hour now.

I don’t look long.

Seeing that cock pounding her cunt makes me squeeze myself HARD to keep myself soft for her. It was our first rule. She doesn’t want someone else’s wood. She wants pure wood. If my cock gets hard in her hand then she knows I am thinking only of her hand. It is how she gauges my faithfulness. She’ll know, for sure, that I am horny for her. It doesn’t matter that the sounds of her getting fucked or the sight of her getting used so viciously is making me want to cum all over the floor.

To be sure, she needs to be the one to draw the wood from the cock.

So I think other thoughts. I squeeze my balls for the pain and the vein to cut off the blood flow. I do anything I can to keep the horny feeling in my chest out of my dick. It isn’t that hard once you learn the tricks… and she spent a good long time making sure I was a good toy who knew all the tricks.

“Bring him over.”

I look up.

The man, Jason, is staring at me. He is one of the biggest men I have ever seen. He is dark and sweaty and covered in tattoos that are almost invisible against the dark brown of his skin. He has long hair dreaded up and wears a lot of rings. He is a nice guy and drives a nice car. He makes me laugh a lot.

There is no humour in his eyes now though.

He stares at me in a way that, with his eyes, does the work my hands have been working so hard at for an hour.

She calls me over and has me stand at the side of the bed. She tells me to present. She is flushed. Her hair is sticking to her forehead. She is biting her bottom lip as she reaches for my cock.


I turn my eyes back to Jason. He is still staring.

“Watch me fuck her kid. Watch me wreck her.”

Her red painted fingernails scratch along the underside of my cock sending shivers through my whole body. She squeezes the base of my cock and squeezes hard and pumps once along the length of it. It is like a damn breaks inside me and all the blood that had been dying to get it working floods in at once.

“Boy, I said watch.”

I turn my eyes from her glowing greens and look once more at Jason. He has his hands on her ribs now, holding her up and off the bed as his cock, nine inches easy, stabs into her. She doesn’t moan so much as scream this time.

“Like watching me fuck the bitch?”

She starts stroking me, tight fist, in time to his fucking her. It doesn’t take long. This is pretty primal. It doesn’t take long til my mind skips the groove and I start thinking that it is me slamming that cunt, making her make these noises. It is why she’s stroking me in this rhythm. She’s leading me to this. She’s leading me to the idea that I can fuck her this hard.

“Words boy. Use your fucking words.”

“Yes sir.” I say.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I like watching you fuck her sir.”

He reaches over and slaps me, hard, across the face. I snap out of it. I must have been staring. I turn my eyes to him.

“Look at me when you speak to me. That is just common respect. I shouldn’t have to teach you that should I?”

I look at him. His eyes don’t leave mine. His hips don’t stop moving. She is moaning, screaming, begging. She is pounding my cock in perfect rhythm to his wrecking her. But I am stuck on his eyes. I am stuck on words.

“No sir. That was rude. I apologize.”

“Good. Be polite and respectful and we will get along just fine understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now… do you like watching me fuck the bitch.”

“Yes sir.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes I like watching you fuck the…”

His eyes widen. A smile breaks on his face.

“Oh… you’re not allowed to call her that?”

“No sir.”

“That’s fair. I sometimes forget your position. You are to her what she is to me. Do
you know what that is?”

“No sir.”

“Put your eyes back on her cunt boy. Watch what my cock does to her cunt.”
I lower my eyes. He’s glistening with sweat. I have no idea how either of them are doing this. It is an inhuman amount of banging. His cock seems wider now. This isn’t love, or even sex. She is being split. Being raped. Being taken. She isn’t even making sounds anymore. She isn’t stroking my cock anymore.
She is just holding onto it for dear life.

“She is a piece of meat boy. A sexy little thing for me to fuck up as I want. She’s my fuck toy but I think I wore her batteries out.”

He pulls out of her. He drops her to the bed. His cock, glistening with earlier spilled cum and her juices is easily nine inches and the thickest thing I have ever seen. I think my eyes linger on it.

I feel her hand slide off my cock and grab at my balls.

She squeezes and she squeezes HARD.

I scream. I go to reach for her arm and she barks the word present. I put my hands behind my head and interlock my fingers and push my hips out. My eyes, watering now stare straight ahead.

“Oh… fun!” he says after a moment. “Did our little blue eyed boy here twitch a little
looking at my cock? Is that what’s happening here?”

He walks around the bed to me. I keep my eyes front. His cock is rubbing against my belly. It is so fucking warm against my skin.

Her hand wraps around my cock again. She starts stroking me as he wraps both hands around my neck.

“Want my cock kid?”

He is squeezing. Even if I could answer I wouldn’t be able to say anything. I couldn’t say yes and I couldn’t say no. Her hand holds my dick up so that it is touching his. Rubbing against his. I feel her tongue lick along mine, along his and back down again. I feel my toes start to go fuzzy. I feel her tongue on my cock. I feel his cock and mine together in her hands and her hot mouth trying to go around them and I hear a wave starting and black coming and…

“Look at that cunt kid… isn’t it pretty?”

I am on my knees, face on the sheets, looking at her wrecked pussy. It is glistening, wet. Cum and various other juices are pooled in it and on the sheets around it. My face is down in a puddle of her squirt juice. His hands are on me.

One is wrapped around my neck and the other is in my hair.

“Take a deep breath. That’s what a good fucking smells like.”

He moves my head closer.

“I know you’ve been here before. I know there is no way she goes to sleep at night without her little man collared up at the foot of the bed begging permission to lick his lady clean. Tell me I’m lying.”

I shake my head. He’s not lying.

“Ever suck some guy’s come out of that pussy?”

I shake my head again.

“Take it then. Come on boy. Take it.”

His weight is on me limiting how much I can move. I try reaching with my tongue. I try shifting. Every time I get close he either leans down on me or pulls me back a bit.

“Come on… do you not want it? She wants you to have it. Spread your lips for him love.”

Perfectly painted finger nails reach down and spread her already splayed lips a bit. A finger slides in and comes out shining. She holds it up, just in front of my face. I try to reach for it. He holds me back. She waggles it under my nose. I try again. I groan. This isn’t nice. This isn’t fair. I WANT.

He grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me off the bed. He tosses me roughly back into my corner.

“Stay,” he orders and then turns back to her. He jumps on the bed and spins her around. Within seconds he has her head buried in the pillows, his hands on his hips and is pounding her cunt for all he’s worth. He is so big. She is so small. He picks her up and drops her on her face a few times while fucking her. When he slaps her ass it is so loud it makes my teeth hurt. I fucking want. I fucking want.

My cock is straining. Please god I fucking WANT…

He drops her face down one last time and pulls out leaving her a shuddering wreck on the sheets. He climbs off the bed and turns to me.

“Come here boy.”

He is staring at me again, not blinking. He is so large. I am so skinny compared to him. One of his arms is the size of one of my thighs. His cock… well… I just can’t stop staring at his cock.

On the bed she rolls over, sits up. I see her hands slide down her belly and rest on her thighs. The slightest of nods and I have my permission to move.

“Good boy. You want to taste that pussy, come lick it off of me.”


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Cuckold By Book

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