The third person – You are the Leprechaun not the Unicorn by Master_Ares

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Mulling over this thought the past week of when the right time to bring a third person into a relationship and what do you call them. Now I can understand variances differ from relationship to relationship. What works for some may not work for another. In my own experience, when you are just starting your relationship, it is not really the best time to bring a third person in. Lesson learnt for me.

Now we get to the subject of what to call your third. I understand the greater majority of couples referring to the third person as their “Unicorn.” I have to disagree with this reference and if my girl and I find a third person to join our group I have to call them the “Leprechaun”. NO! Not because you are short, drunk and Irish. I call you this because we were lucky to find you. Because ultimately that is what makes for a good third is a great deal of good luck on many fronts.

Now my “Unicorn” I have to say is a gorgeous, majestic creature who is truly a rarity and almost impossible to find. I of course refer to my submissive Cybella. She is truly my Unicorn. For the following reasons:

  •  She has similar ideas about love, relationships, BDSM and how the world works.
  •  She is someone who is the most kind, caring and gentle person I have ever met, who loves me.
  •  She is someone I am irrefutably and irrevocably in love with.

UnicornPartialSuitThis is rare, not a third person in our relationship. Being able to find someone you feel this way about, someone who feels the same way back. Someone who will be there for you and support you no matter what. This is almost impossible to find.

If we find a third person to join our triangle we are lucky, but they are not impossible to find.

P.S – this is not to say I do not love Leprechauns just as much as Unicorns. Just a different name I use for them. I will never find another one like my Unicorn


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Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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The third person – You are the Leprechaun not the Unicorn by Master_Ares

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