Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play Part 2 (Floggers) by Master_Ares

This is part 2 of  Master_Ares series of short writings on the joys of impact play check out the first part here

Weapons of Ass Destruction


This is my passion so I am dedicating an entire chapter to Floggers.

I start with my craft, my first toy and my passion in the kink world and the point I started. I will begin with some history. Floggers have been used as a torture device for hundreds if not thousands of years. They let’s face it Jesus was flogged before he was crucified. <Let’s be honest he didn’t die for our sins, he forgot his safe word>. Go back further to the Spartan Society when the boys went to the Agoge they were not only punished with floggings and other forms of impact but they were expected to endure them as a test of their strength. In the more recent times with the British Empire conquering over a third of the globe the cat-o-nine-tails was a common form of corporal punishment for sailors was to be flogged. With the plantations in America and with occupation of other colonies, including Australia as a penal colony it was used with out mercy to keep slaves and prisoners in line. In Britain the practice was abolished in 1946 and the last person flogged as a punishment in Australia was in 1958.

Let’s be honest here people we do it for fun, whether that be giving or receiving a flogging one or both people will usually end up smiling at the end of a session. In my personal experience when I started in the scene I was given some very sound advice by a dear friend, “Focus on one thing and become great at that.” Rope was not something my hands at the time had any interest in, spanking was something very easy, however I was transfixed by the floggers, flogging and the whole scene craft that comes from flogging. May well be my Australian culture and upbringing it does not matter. I started practicing the craft. I was very fortunate to gain a play partner quiet early in my BDSM life who loved receiving flogging, so straight away I had an ass to not only practice but get experience playing with. If you are starting out with flogging I feel it is better to find someone with whom you can gain experience hitting. Some people say “Practice on a pillow.” Only do this if you cannot find a willing play partner. A pillow cannot give you feed back, it does not give you a realistic target to practice on and it cannot tell you if you miss. These are all important things to know about, especially if you want to get better at flogging.

The makeup of a flogger is usually made up of leather flails which lead to and is usually braided onto the handle. Other materials can include rubber, suede and, for an extreme example, barbed wire.

YouOnlyWetter Floggers

Most other impact play toys are really rigid, stiff and will not deviate from its course as much as a flogger will. The flails are an extension of your arm and if you can control these and are able to hit the same target over and over and over again with out “wrapping”, <see Annex i>, you will have a very happy girl. If you go further and learn how to Florentine Flog (Flogging with both hands) you will be able to make great rhythms and make a sub smile even more.

Annex I

Wrapping with a flogger is when you miss the ass and wrap around on the hip, love handles, kidneys or legs. This is 95% of the time NOT A GOOD PAIN for a sub.

At the end of the day all I can say to anyone wanting to pick up a flogger, practice, practice, practice. You are using something that is designed to really hurt someone. If you do not know how to use it you will miss, you will wrap, you will REALLY hurt people and you they will not want to play with you again.

Thank you for reading

Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play Part 2 (Floggers)
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Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play Part 2 (Floggers)
The 2nd part in the Master_Ares "Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play" range of post this one is all about Floggers
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Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play Part 2 (Floggers) by Master_Ares

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