50% of women don’t know how to masturbate

I recently read an article saying that 50% of American women actually don’t know how to masturbate (digging through my history to try and find it), and I thought i would do a post just to say not to worry and give some hints.

How to Masturbate

Firstly, for the 50% don’t feel bad for being in the dark. Although masturbation is a healthy activity that humans engage in naturally, when we’re growing up, we’re often discouraged from touching ourselves “down there” and that inhibits natural exploration of masturbatory techniques. And it’s not like they teach it in school. At least not since Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders got fired.


Most guys figure out pretty easily what to do to get themselves off, but the female body is more complicated and mysterious. There are a lot of different methods for women to use to stimulate themselves to orgasm, and what they choose to do depends on what feels best to them. Some women discover when they’re young that it feels good to rub their genitals against sheets or blankets, or an object like a teddy bear, pillow, or furniture. They may continue using this method into adulthood. Others prefer to use manual stimulation, caressing the clitoris (the buttonlike nub protruding above the vagina) with the fingers to bring on a climax. Some people use objects, anything from hairbrushes to hot dogs, to stimulate the clit and insert into the vagina. Some women like to use a vibrator or a stream of water from a shower or faucet to hit their hot button. People can be very creative.

When you’re exploring self-love, keep in mind that it can take a while for a woman to reach orgasm – depending on how turned on you are and how your body works, it can take anywhere from two minutes to twenty or more. Just relax, do what feels good, and when you find something that feels really good, do it more.

Heres a 7 point checklist you might want to use to help

Getting In The Mood

The most important thing you can do if you want to be sure that you climax when masturbating is first getting in the mood. Getting in the mood is something that varies greatly from person to person.

For some, they find that all they need to do is lie down on their bed to get in the mood. While for others, they like to drag it out by having a shower, applying some body lotion all over their body, lighting some candles, playing their favorite music and putting on something really comfortable before sitting down on a nice comfy chair.

Ensure Privacy

If you want to truly relax and get in the mood before you start masturbating, then make sure that you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

For most people, this means masturbating in their bedroom or doing it when their roommates/parents/partner is not in the house. You might also find turning your phone to silent is a good idea too. This means that if you like getting vocal as you masturbate, you won’t have to worry about someone hearing you.

Your Clit

Most find that having a clitoral orgasm is far easier than having a vaginal orgasm when learning how to masturbate, so first we are going to focus on the clit. If you don’t already know about your clit, it’s the small nub of firm skin the gets slightly bigger when you’re aroused. It’s located just above your vagina and is concealed under small folds of skin. It’s very sensitive, especially right after you climax.

To stimulate it, try gently rubbing it with your fingers. You may find that it’s so sensitive, that it’s actually more pleasurable to provide it with indirect stimulation, rubbing around it, instead of touching it directly.

It’s best if you start off massaging it slowly and gently and gradually build up how intensely you touch it as you are reaching climax. Then as you climax, ease right off as it will be incredibly sensitive to touch.

Hitting Your G Spot

Another type of orgasm, that many prefer to regular clitoral orgasms, is the G Spot orgasm. But before you can start stimulating it, you need to actually find the G Spot. It only appears and becomes engorged when you are aroused.

Using Toys

A great way to intensify your orgasms when learning how to masturbate is to use sex toys. There are a number of different ones that you can use.

Vibrators are probably the best for replacing your fingers, but make sure to spend a little extra when buying one so that you can get one with adjustably speeds. The vibrators that are stuck at a high speed can prove to be too strong & intense for some.

Dildos are great for replacing your man’s penis when he’s not around. You’ll also find that you a lot of dildos double up as vibrators.

While there a huge variety of different sex toys that you can use on yourself, the last one that I’m going to talk about using is the butt plug. Using a butt plug while masturbating is something many women (but not all) find to intensify their orgasms when they masturbate.


Some love porn when masturbating…some hate it. It’s all a matter of personal preference. The next time you have some time and are alone while masturbating, try watching some porn to see if it intensifies the experience for you. But don’t feel that you have to watch it. Some enjoy it, while others don’t.


Many see erotic novels as the female equivalent of pornography. Again, they are not for everyone, but are definitely worth trying at least once to see if they have any effect on what you fantasise and think about while you masturbate.

50% of women don't know how to masturbate
Article Name
50% of women don't know how to masturbate
I recently read an article saying that 50% of American women actually don't know how to masturbate (digging through my history to try and find it), and I thought i would do a post just to say not to worry and give some hints.
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50% of women don’t know how to masturbate

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