How Women Really Feel About Dick Pics

How Women Really Feel About Dick PicsNothing illustrates the fact that men and women have different definitions of “sexy” than dick pics.

Traditionally, women find a man in uniform sexy. You know why? Because this disgusting genitalia is covered up and they don’t have to look at it!

Meanwhile, ,en find nude women sexy. So, when they want to appear sexy to women, they tend to not take into account that what is sexy to them is not universally sexy.

Specifically, there are some men that think their penis, when photographed with low-lighting and way too many pixels, is the sexiest thing in the world. Women can’t resist!

But there in lies the problem. You men are sorely mistaken if you think a shitty dick pic will turn a woman on, let alone appreciate it.

To prove that I’m not just talking out of my ass, watch “Women React To Dick Pics” below. 

Most common response: “Ewwwww” and various variations of the sentiment.

In response to a photo that is “more balls than dick”: “I hope he finds ways to use this and empowers someone. Hopefully he has a good personality too.”

In response to a “huge monstrous elephant dick”: “See, if I got this dick pic, I’d be like, ‘No, we can’t fuck. Like, I can’t do this.”

Oh, and this: “I fucking hate you.”

We bet that’s not what guys are going for when they hit “send.”’s annual Singles in America survey, which spoke to 5,675 American singles 18 and over, recently revealed that men are into “sexy texts,” but women specifically don’t want “sexy texts” or “sexy photos” from guys.

Plus, biologically speaking, studies have found women are most aroused by emotional and mental imaging than by actual photos.

So unless you have a written request for a dick pic, don’t fucking send one.

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How Women Really Feel About Dick Pics
men are sorely mistaken if you think a shitty dick pic will turn a woman on, let alone appreciate it.
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How Women Really Feel About Dick Pics

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