How To Love Yourself Naked

So, many people we speak with are clothed all the time apart from in the shower they even add clothes to go to bed! In this blog, we will be looking at how to enjoy your body and be naked more. Hell, we are all locked up in our houses at the moment so why not be naked!

Start off small try topless, try not adding clothes are bathing its all steps. How are we going to love ourselves if we never look, and when we do it’s normally when watching porn the fake industry giving us what our bodies “should” look like. Now I am a nudist I like to be naked whenever I can, heck I have even done naked dates before! You can build up to being outside and around other naked just try it now.

How To Love Yourself Naked

Steps to help, but you are Beautiful just as you are!


Make up an exercise routine that you can do for thirty minutes, three to four sessions per week. If you want, go to the gym every day. That might be a little harder than making up your own routine though.

  • Try walking for an overall toning method.
  • Bike, if that suits you more than walking.
  • Consider using exercise bands or free weights to further the exercise intensity.

2. Get Used To It.

 Sleep naked and just live naked in your home (when you’re alone).

3. Boost Your Confidence! 

Feel good about yourself or focus on your best features and that will make you feel confident.

4. Eat Right! 

This will help your self-esteem and it will help you stay in shape, along with benefiting your overall health.

  • Avoid sugary or salty foods and drinks.
  • Eat whole grains.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.
  • As you exercise, your appetite may increase. Eat healthy snacks between meals, such as whole-grain crackers and mixed nuts.
  • Be sure to eat breakfast every day, as this has many benefits.

5. Look For nearby nude resorts or beaches. 

This will help you get used to it. But you may feel intimidated if you compare yourself to others. Try to go with a friend, possibly one who has already been to a nudist area.

6. Also, if not ready to go all the way naked, wear a bikini to start with. 

Once you’re comfortable wearing that around the house, then get naked.

How To Love Yourself Naked


Please be aware that being naked may not be acceptable in many places (e.g work, school etc.)!

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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How To Love Yourself Naked

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