Eve Alexander ‘A life As An Author’ (Exclusive Interview)

We have found time in Eve Alexander’s busy writing schedule to grab them for their first official interview. I am sure you will love the writing style, and as we know Eve we thought a written interview would be a great way to get more people reading this awesome author. Having worked on this project during lockdown I hope to see more writing coming out even if we are allowed outside again, a mixing of two worlds, Smut merged with a Deep Thiller, that really works!

Eve tell us about your latest book ‘Queen Of Hearts’

Hi all, the story follows a young woman disillusioned by how men behave, she embarks on a plot for revenge, she finds ‘suitable’ dates on social media sites and shows them the error of their ways. Set during the covid pandemic, the lead character Alys is torn between the emotion of what she is doing and the drive for revenge. Can she use her skills to avoid capture by the police? She follows the chorus of a song called Jar of Hearts. For each line of the chorus, someone must pay…

Eve Alexander 'A life As An Author' (Exclusive Interview)

Who do you think you are?
Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
Tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Don’t come back at all

But why the song?

Musically it’s not my go-to sort of thing but I heard it on the radio and thought the lyrics could sound sinister in the right context. The song title is ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perri. What’s more sinister than a serial killer collecting her ‘Jar of Hearts’

what a great signature for your character. It’s one of those things that in a movie would make you turn away but in a book, you turn page after page open-mouthed. Is this your first book?

Eve Alexander 'A life As An Author' (Exclusive Interview)

It’s my first novel. During the first lockdown, I tried a few different things to fight off the boredom and anxiety, I’d written plenty of erotic fiction before previously but never a novel so I thought I’d see what I could create.

The sex scenes are very realistic, though this isn’t an erotic novel itself, is it?

Not specifically know, it’s more of a crime thriller, although Alys uses sex as a way to seduce her victims and sometimes just because she wants to. She’s a complicated character and sex plays a big part in her life. I wanted the sex scenes to be realistic so I wrote them like I would erotic fiction rather than choosing to brush over them.

Where do you get your ideas from? Dont get yourself in trouble if its from your own past 🙂

I started writing the story without any idea of where it was going to go, I just thought it would
make a change from writing sex scenes to write murder scenes. Lol. Then I started thinking of
why she was doing it and the story grew from there.

The whole back drop of this book is the recent pandemic, why did you choose this?

We were all suffering, I thought to myself imagine how much worse it would be if there was a serial killer on the loose!? Also, it was fun creating a female serial killer, they are much rarer and I thought it would be interesting to explore how men might feel if they were the prey rather than the other way around.

So trying not to give any spoilers the book is called ‘Queen of Hearts’ and the main character is called Alys, is there an Alice in Wonderland connection?

There was no plan for there to be but once I had come up with the title, I decided to put in some
subtle references to that story. Alys is the most obvious one, did you spot any others?

I think I may have but I don’t want to spoil it for our readers so I’ll leave it for them to discover. So what’s next for you?

I’ve started a second book, it’s a different writing experience this time as I set out with the intent
of writing a novel rather than just writing for fun. I have the whole story mapped out more or less,
I’ve just got to get it down. I learnt a lot about my writing style from creating the first novel and I
have a lot of idea’s I want to get down.

Exciting, I loved the first book, can you tell us what the second one is about?

Not yet but it relates in some parts to the first you’ll have to wait and see! The title is Mother Nature.

If our readers want to read your erotic fiction where can they find that?

Eve a new author had worked on this project during the lockdown, a smashing of two worlds Smut merged with a Deep Thiller & it really works!

I have a few collections of short stories the first one is called two’s and is available on Amazon, the title depicts the number of people involved in the scene. There is also a One’s that I have nearly finished and a Three’s!

That’s an interesting concept, how did you come up with that idea?

Erotic fiction can be hard to write, there are limited words to describe things without it sounding clichéd and the stories are often just fluffing to set the scene. I wanted to create something believable without detracting too much from the point of the work. I figured that there are certain scenarios where it’s only appropriate for two people, particular places it might become three etc.

Smart, so One’s is just about one person?

Not quite but it’s the individual experience, you’ll have to wait for that to come out too before you see what I mean.

Oh you Tease! When is it due out?

I’m not sure yet but not too long, I dip in and out of writing both books depending on my mood.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Where can people find your latest book?

Queen of Hearts is currently available on Kindle or as a paperback from Amazon

And if you want to check out ‘Two’s’ is also here as a Kindle download below.

Eve Alexander 'A life As An Author' (Exclusive Interview)
Article Name
Eve Alexander 'A life As An Author' (Exclusive Interview)
Eve a new author had worked on this project during the lockdown, a smashing of two worlds Smut merged with a Deep Thiller & it really works!
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Eve Alexander ‘A life As An Author’ (Exclusive Interview)

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