Foreplay is key

This writing was inspired by a thread about men’s insecurity about penis size. Even if you are thrilled with your whispers_jpgpackage, a kind friend thought I should share. I will be kicked out of the Society of Women for sharing the secrets, but making men fantastic in bed will gain me their forgiveness!

As far as “caring,” my preference is larger. BUT there is a guy attached to a penis and that makes a much bigger difference!
However if you feel that this will limit your choices, you can sway the scales in a big way if you want to. Typically, most women do not cum from strictly PIV sex. Lovely. Use that.

Work on your finger and hand dexterity. Keep your fingernails short and smooth. WAY more women will orgasm from touch than anything your penis does. Pay attention to what finger movements get a rise out of her and do that. Learn a few, mix it up, and she will be calling your name- loudly.

Learn enough female anatomy to shame a gynecologist. If you know her better than SHE knows her, her mind will be blown. Penis-shmeenis.

Get comfortable with toys. Being open to the use (either way) of dildos, vibrators, etc. will take care of any gaps for a woman that just needs banged like a screen door in a tornado. They can also add sensations to other areas while you focus elsewhere, which is never a bad thing.

Listen to a woman when she tells you what she likes. She is not kidding you! This is not like the “No, I’m fine” moment. She will tell you if you ask with interest. Then do exactly that.

Rock at foreplay. Men WAY underestimate foreplay. You can have her edging an orgasm before your drawers hit the floor. Advantage: you. Just like lube, more is better almost every time.

Touch her everywhere. Not just the naughty bits you have been dying to see. In fact, avoid those initially! Hands on her back, touching her neck, stroking her thigh…this counts! Get crazy- kiss your way up her arm, run your hands all the way up her legs. Light touch, heavy touch…use your imagination! Much more satisfying than rub area A until you can slide tab B into slot C. Boring.

NEVER, EVER do the “wet check.” The brief poke to see if you have given the minimum stimulation to allow entry. If you are that busy, just give up. Does your car moan your name when you check the oil? Yeah, it’s that off-putting.

On a related note, lube is the ranch dressing of sex. It makes everything better. Even if a woman is as wet as soaked sponge, it is mostly water and evaporates quickly (especially in air conditioning or with fans running.). Also, internal lubrication runs inside when she is on her back, not on the outside where the fun should be happening (unless she squirts, and even then it dries fast.). Very little will harsh fingering or intercourse than too much friction. Befriend your lube.

Build your endurance as much as you can. Women will still want to fuck you and you will want that too. So, when you masturbate, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Don’t train yourself in bad habits.

Even when you are inside her, have a hand free. Women have this nifty gadget called a clitoris- it makes orgasms just like your penis. No clitoral stimulation is the same as trying to get off without touching your penis. Possible, but more work than necessary. Touch it how she wants- some are very (or too) sensitive and some like it rough, just like penises.

Work on your hand strength and endurance. Play the piano, drum your fingers…whatever. Just get your finger dexterity and endurance down. Nothing sucks like a missed orgasm due to cramp.

Look at her. Really look at her. Watch what she responds to and look her in the eyes when you are close. Seeing you while she feels all of the fantastic-ness of your skills will bond you like little else.

You can totally rock the sheets regardless of penis size- all this from someone who is a bit of a size queen. Because, despite preferring size, a great lover trumps size every time!

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Foreplay is key

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