Room service

We’ve never met you and I, but we’ve spoken on the phone. It’s been a few weeks since we found each other on the dating site and we’ve flirted and exchange risqué texts.
Tonight is our first date and I’ve booked a table at a boutique hotel restaurant.

You arrive first, dressed in over the knee suede boots that cling to your calves, black opaque tights and a short tight dress that accentuates your curves. It has a high neck but does nothing to hide the shape of your perfect boobs. Your blonde hair cascades in curls on to your shoulders and you catch several of the male diners and at least one of the women glancing admiringly as you walk to the maître d.
“Good evening madam, do you have a reservation?”
“Yes, I’m meeting somebody here, I think he’s booked a table” you give my name and the maître d confirms the booking.
“Your table is not quite ready yet madam would you like to wait at the bar?”
You take a seat on one of the bar stools. Wiggling to keep your dress from exposing your bum.
Without asking the waitress places two champagne glasses in front of you, a bottle and an ice bucket. She opens the champagne and pours you a glass.
“Ordered in advance madam” the waitress says in answer to your yet unspoken question.
You look around to see if you can spot me, you’ve seen a picture but you’re not 100% sure you would instantly recognise me, just then your phone beeps with a text message.
‘Room 7, bring the champagne and glasses’
Your cheeks colour instantly red and you glance up at the waitress but she doesn’t seem to notice, you’re a little shocked and wonder what to do but then you remember the conversations we have had and a smile makes its way to the corners of your mouth. Without making eye contact with the waitress you pick up the glasses grab the bottle and make your way to the stairs.

Climbing them slowly the wet bottle in your hand, the glasses clinking your heart and mind starts to race, what to expect, what’s going to happen? You’re scared but you keep moving. You reach the top. Judging by the fact there is only one door you presume Room 7 takes up the whole floor, the penthouse suite.

You check yourself in the mirror, admiring yourself you take another quick gulp of champagne then knock on the door.

“It’s open”
You turn the handle and push the door open, the room is somewhat obscured from the door but you can make out the end of the bed and you immediately spot the view out to sea from the floor to ceiling windows. You walk forwards into the room. I slide my hand around your waist from behind and you jump. Placing my hand on the bottle I take it from you and the second glass. Placing the glass on the side I lean around you and top yours up. Then holding it in your hand I first take a sip then hold it your lips. As the champagne fizzes on your tongue I spin you round and kiss you for the first time. Out lips meet tasting the champagne on each other we kiss greedily.
I take step back pick up the other glass, clink yours and say “cheers, nice to meet you finally”
“It’s onl…” I place my finger on your lips and you bite your lip. Dipping my finger into the champagne I place it on your lips again. You lick your lips and a smile at you. You start to take in the rest of the room noticing it looks expensive. Then you look at me, of course recognising be from my pictures but also thinking I look different. You start to take in my features and like what you see.
I dip my finger in the champagne again but this time I let a drop form and hold it towards you. It falls onto your dress.
I smirk “oh dear let’s get you out of these wet things” you laugh and instantly relax, recognising my cheeky manner from our calls and texts. You start to relax a little, I pull you toward me kissing you again, our hands explore each other’s bodies and again I step back. My hands reach the hem of your dress and I pull the tight fabric up over your hips, feeling the weight of your boobs as it momentarily catches and then up over your head.
Admiringly I appraise your body. Your black agent provocateur bra struggles to contain your gorgeous boobs and you watch my eyes linger before working there way over your gym toned body down to your tights. Your matching panties are just visible through the fabric and you wish you had worn stockings. You reach down to unfasten your boots.
“Leave them on”
“But the tig….” I place my finger on your lips again.
I brush your hair over one shoulder and kiss your neck. Kissing your elegant shoulders my fingers tracing your slender arms. My lips find their way down to your chest kissing along and around the top feeling your nipples hard against the black silk and lace. My hand traces down across your hips and begins to graze your pussy through your tights.
You gasp a little, the gentlest touch sending shock waves through your body. My fingers rub harder tracing the shape of your lips through the fabric, I can start to feel the viscous wetness already coming through the fabric. I kiss gently down over your belly and as I do my fingers suddenly tear through your tights. Again you gasp, watching in the mirror over my shoulder you can see a large hole and your panties are exposed. Instantly my mouth is level with your pussy, you feel the pressure of my tongue first through the fabric and then tracing along the edge, my finger pulls back the silk and exposes you to me for the first time. You smell sweet and it’s my turn to let out a low gasp as I anticipate tasting you.
Then my tongue is there finding your clit instantly I lick my eyes glancing upwards finding yours and we connect. I increase the urgency you run your fingers over my hair sensing how much I’m enjoying my mouth on you. You reach down and pull off my shirt looking at my slim tattooed body for the first time.
I push you back onto the bed. Standing in front of you I undo my belt but you sit up. Placing your hand on mine you take the belt and open it, as you unbutton my fly we maintain eye contact and I don’t stop your hands. You let them fall revealing crisp white shorts, the fabric straining and you smile at what you see.

You pull the shorts down, my cock springing out and you take it in your hand, licking the wet tip before taking it in your mouth. I gasp again, your mouth feels soft and sensual sending tinChampagne flutesgles through my body, I need to regain control so I reach around in fastening your bra pushing you back on the bed. Unzipping one boot then the other I pull them off urgently. Practically tearing your tights and panties down your hands are on mine as we work together to get you naked.
Then I’m between your legs, you anticipate me, the urgency building inside of you but it doesn’t come. Instead I place my cock gently against your clit and start to rock with my hands on your legs using your wetness it slides over you, down to the entrance to your pussy, just as you think I must push it in this time it’s back, sliding over your clit. I feel your hips rising towards me, angling for me to be inside you, your hands wrestling with mine to be free to pull me on to you.
I let the very tip of my cock enter you, you feel tight in spite of the wetness. I take a moment to maintain control, you feel so amazing It takes willpower to stop myself cumming that instant. I edge forward a tiny bit then I’m back out again sliding over your clit. You gasp again in frustration. I look at you. “Do you want my cock?”
You nod.
“Say it”
You resist saying anything, so I once again push the very tip inside you just as you think this time he must push it in, I’m back to rubbing your clit. I lean forward my mouth on your boobs, biting and nibbling both nipples in turn. Then I whisper say it and you can have it.
You look me in the eyes and whisper
“I want you inside me”
“Say please give me your cock” I say continuing to grind against you my hands holding yours down against the bed.
You relent, you can take no more
“Please give me your cock”
I drive all the way into you for the first time feeling how hot you are and hue tightly you grip me, we fuck together urgently, hungrily, our bodies in unison, I know I’m going to cum in seconds but I feel your orgasm building “cum with me, tell me when” I thrust harder our hands in each other’s hips you look at me, mouthing the words “I’m cumming”
I hold out my orgasm building and as I feel your pussy clench for the first time we cum together, moaning, panting, mouths kissing each other we hold each other tightly as the orgasm pulses through our bodies..
We lie like this without speaking, entwined in each other as the sensation slowly subsides. Our eyes meet and I kiss you. “Room service?” I say.

Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site

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Room service

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