“A House of Colours” Part 17 – Date night

Saturday remained a fairly calm day, the girls still got up and saw to their Mistresses needs but during the afternoon they were left to amuse themselves.

By late afternoon it was the Mistress’s black Land Rover once more pulling out of the house gates simply with White on board. The Mistress had got her own way, she was dropping off and collecting White from the date.

White had chosen her own outfit, after much deliberation and help from Dark. As she new she was to be bowling she had decided to be neat but casual. A white sleeveless top with a knee length skirt, finished with leggings underneath. There had never been any question on whether she’d wear her collar, but the Goddess had lent her a beautiful dappled white and silver silk scarf to wear to make it less obvious.

“And I also need you to text me, hourly White.” Raven spoke sternly in the car
“Yes Mistress” the girl responded,
“If you leave the bowling alley I want to know where you’re going,”
“Yes Mistress”
“If you need me for anything, you phone me or text me, do you understand” the woman was very clear in her instructive tone.
“Of course Mistress, I.. I’m sure I’ll be alright, I quite like that you care so much for me Mistress, I.. I’m almost” the girl paused as the car pulled up across the road from the bowling alley.
“Almost what?” the woman asked, pulling on the handbrake.
“Well a little surprised, I suppose, I’ve always known you care, but within the safety of our home there is little need to show it in this way.”
The woman turned and placed her hands around the girls.
“My dear tranquil one, I always have these feelings of wanting to protect you, even if you don’t see it. You are so very important to me” the woman paused and her usual strong look softened.
“I found you White, I know you might think sometimes that you might feel more love from the Goddess but we share you all, you mean a great deal to me, you know that don’t you”
“Of course Mistress, but, but you have Red now.” The girl spoke nervously, she didn’t like the idea that she could feel jealousy but there was no denying that another girls presence in the house had unsettled her and brought about insecurities.
“Oh my dear White, do you not think I have enough love for you all, I watch proudly as the Goddess helps you in ways I am unable to myself, I always wish I could do more for you.
But you must understand that you girls need different things from both the Goddess and I, that neither of us can give you alone. She gives the love, the nurturing and care which comes so naturally to her while I give you those things that she cannot give, the discipline that she struggles with but it comes from my heart. I understand my role in the house. To give you what she cannot, but don’t ever think that I do not love you.”
“I understand Mistress, I just want to make you happy.” the girl made clear.
“Oh and you do sweetie, you make me so proud, you must never doubt that” the woman leaned in and pulled White close to her, kissing her on her head. “Now, you go have fun, and remember what I’ve instructed.”
“Yes Mistress, of course, but, I do worry about something else Mistress.”
“I know you do, as do I” the woman knowingly replied
“You do?” the girl looked puzzled
“You worry about how Dark is feeling don’t you” the woman aware of the girls feelings as usual, “She’ll be alright, this is a learning point for her as much as you, and I’ve asked Red to keep an eye on her.”
The girl smiled at that thought, Dark had been the main reason why she’d been so worried in the first place.
“No go on and enjoy the experience, remember everything the Goddess and I have taught you…. Daisy.” the woman ended the sentence poignantly on the girls name. She found it incredibly hard to say herself and to the girl it was uncomfortable hearing it.
With that the girl silently nodded, climbed out of the car, took a deep breath and walked towards the bowling alley.
EJ was waiting as he had agreed inside the door, he suggested a drink before bowling, to which Daisy agreed, informing him of her real name after he addressed her as Princess once more.
As she sat at a table she felt a buzz of anticipation the place was busy, much noise and motion surrounded her. She took her phone from her pocket and text the Mistress as agreed just as EJ returned to the table.
“Everything okay I hope” he asked a little anxiously.
“Oh yes, just texting my Dragon she giggled “You don’t want to incur her wrath”.
“No I don’t but as a prince I would not fear a battle with a dragon for a Princess” he smiled, they found continued comfort in the shared metaphor.

Meanwhile back at the house Red, with her arms together at the wrist, tapped delicately on Darks door worried that she hadn’t seen her since her friend had left the house. The door opened. The girl answered with her blindfold on gazing as usual in the general direction of the voice of who she was with.
“Hi Dark I wanted to see if you fancied doing anything?” Red asked trying to be as positive as she could. The Mistress had indeed asked that she spend time with her, but Red had figured that requirement out before it was suggested. “Perhaps help me with some ideas as to how to decorate my room?”
“Well I, well I am feeling a little lost without White so I’d be grateful of your company, thank you Red.” she answered, and the pair walked along the corridor to Reds room.
“She is often away from the house though Dark, you normally seem okay when she’s with the Goddess”
“Yes, because I know she’s with the Goddess, this is different, I fear for her safety, only because of …” the girl stopped talking, reaching out for the bed, and sat down on it lifting her legs up off the floor and crossing them.
“It’s okay Dark, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to.” the girl reassured “Plus, I’ll let you into a secret” as Red joined her on the bed sitting opposite
“Oh?” Dark unsighted, still looked upwards, intrigued.
“I know for a fact that White is going to be very close to a certain someone all evening, even if she doesn’t realise it.” Red grinned
“The Mistress?” the girl realised
“Yes, she’s going to be keeping her distance, but keeping an eye on them. A bit like she asked me to keep an eye on you, but I was going to anyway”
“Well that does make me feel a lot better knowing that” Dark confirmed “I just don’t want anything happening to White, only because something happened to me.
“Oh I’m sorry Dark” was all Red could react and say,
“It’s ok, it wasn’t your fault, I was with some boys I thought I could trust and they…” Dark hesitated once more
“They attacked me, hurt me…” She paused once again and Red reached for her hands holding the tight “They raped me and abandoned me” Dark explained in detail.
Red felt the girls pain, and dived forwards into her putting her arms around her holding her tight as she started to sob on her shoulder. The thought of her new found friend going through pain in her past was such a harrowing experience.
“It’s okay Red, it was along time ago, don’t let it upset you” she reciprocated the hug. “It was the Goddess that found me, got me to a hospital, she paid all my medical bills, visited me everyday.” Dark rested her head upon Reds as the two held each other on the bed.
“The Goddess helped me be strong again, to never give up, that it wasn’t my fault. I never understood why initially. When it was the year anniversary of being here with the two of them I asked her why, she told me there was once a girl in the order, who had experienced terrible things much the same as I, this person had then gone on to become a truly inspiring individual to many and that she believes I can do the same.”
“Of course you can” Red sat upright delicately touching her face with her hand, “I’m so very lucky to have you and White in my family”
A broad a smile grew on the unsighted girls face “And we’re pleased we have a little sister” she joked and traced her hands to Red ribs tickling her as she did.
“Hey no picking on the runt of the litter!” the girl retorted and poked back at her ribs and tickling her making Dark now lean back onto the bed out of the way. “Are you more than a little ticklish Dark!” Red exclaimed as she knelt up over the girl with her poking gently at her ribs.
“No please” squeaked the girl “That’s not fair! I’ll use the safe word! aaaah!” as Red launched at her and tickled the unsighted girl, who wriggled and tried to defend the attack, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her on top of her.
A few moments of mutual tickling and giggling by the pair of them ended with Red laying across Darks chest, barely holding herself up with her restrained hands, her face inches from Darks lips, although still blindfolded Red felt the urge to kiss her playfully on the lips, their bodies so close but suddenly got scared.
Dark felt the breathing of Red across her face and licked her own lips delicately, she found Reds wrists and pushed them up over her own head, and slide her hands down to the girls face, pulling her in.
“Do, do you want to…” stammered Dark
Red knowing what she was asking, “Actually yes, yes I do” and she leaned down enabling their lips to meet. What was meant as a playful moment became tender as
delicately the moments passed as the two shared a moment of affection before Red broke it off, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Dark.”
“Did you not mean to kiss me? I’m sorry.” The unsighted girl spoke with worry.
“No I did, I just didn’t mean like that I mean oh. I just, I’ve I’ve not been with many other women, you now that I had feelings for, considering all we’ve seen of each other this last week you think I could manage a kiss but..”
Dark sat up and reached for her, finding her arms and holding her hands “It’s ok, I understand, when I first came here I didn’t see another person other than the Mistresses for 2 years until Whites arrival. It took me a while to get used to being with another person at all, after…”

part17“GIRLS” called the Goddess from outside the room, “Girls are you in there?” The pair sat up and Red opened the door almost nervously, as though they’d been caught by a parent getting up to mischief.
“Yes we’re here, just chatting Goddess, is everything okay?”
“Yes of course, just I’m curious as to know where Raven was going after dropping off White, she said she wouldn’t be back until after picking her up again”
“She didn’t tell me she was going anywhere else Goddess” Red answered, not lying, but not telling her all she knew.
“Do you know Dark?” The Goddess asked
“I don’t for sure but I have an idea where I would be if I where her” A grin appeared on the girls face beneath her shielded eyes.
“Where?” The Goddess realised the answer as she asked herself the question and Dark replied.
“Being a fly on the wall at the bowling alley of course” the girl answered
“Right, I’ll be back later girls” the Goddess stated and left the pair alone once more in the room.

Back at the bowling alley the game was under way, certainly by no means a competitive game and frankly White didn’t care. She was there for the experience. She needed to see how she’d be out of the house alone as it had been such a long time.

As a quietly observing Raven sat at the table in the corner of the bar the required update text came through.
# White – I’m okay and I’m safe Mistress Xx #
Raven placed the phone back on the table, as she did her phoned buzzed again
# Saffron – Where are you? #
She text back
# Just out having a walk – Raven #
Moments later the phone buzzed in reply
# Saffron – You need to be at least standing up to do that, not sat down in a bar #
Raven looked up, and slowly turned around to find Saffron standing behind her.

“Good evening my dear” she spoke as she sat down opposite
“Fancy seeing you her sweetie” Raven knew there was no need to try and justify her decision.
“Go home Raven” she instructed
“I’m not causing her any harm by being here” the woman pleaded back,
“No, not her, but maybe causing some to yourself, perhaps this opportunity is one that you need to learn from, as well as her.” Saffron spoke calmly but firmly.
“But what if something happens to her, what if she needs me?” Raven objected
“I think your fear is about what if she doesn’t need you, isn’t it?”
The woman’s reaction of turning her away flippantly said it all, Saffron, as was usually the case, was right.
“Raven, I know why you are worried, but these girls have free minds. Maybe, just maybe one of them decides we have done all we can, and they wish to return to the world without our protection, we would never stop them would we?”
Raven shrugged, akin to the her behaviour the night before, this was a telling sign of her true age, a most mature soul but still capable of sulking.
“Raven, think of us, is it not said that if you love someone you should never truly keep them captor, allowing them freedom. If you thought the girls where staying with you through fear, or to keep you happy at the expense of their own, would you be happy with that?”
“Of course not” she snapped back
“So go home, stop worrying. If anyone is going to wait here it will be me, leave me your phone”
“GO HOME RAVEN, discussion over.” she ended the conversation as Raven had the night before.
Reluctantly the dark mistress stood, leaned and kissed her counterpart on the head and left in silence.

“Well I hope we can do this again some time maybe?” EJ said as the pair stood outside the bowling alley.
“Yes, that might be nice” she smiled, the pair standing awkwardly neither sure what to do next.
“Well I don’t want to risk doing anything in front of your dragon but, er, thank you for the date Daisy” with that the boy leaned in and hugged, somewhat overwhelmed White froze as he kissed her, she closed her eyes quickly let the moment pass, she actually rather liked it.
“I’m sorry “He blurted, “I just find you very pretty, er.”
“It’s okay, it’s nice for a girl to hear that” she replied. “You’re blushing?”
“Erm, yes, well I’ve wanted to ask you out on a date for a few months now and I can’t believe you said yes and here you are. I had trouble even talking to you at first.”
“I understand, very much so” she assured him, “But it’s just a conversation right?”
Looking over the boys shoulder she saw now the White Range Rover of Saffron pull into view.
“There’s my carriage” she smiled, “Thank you EJ, I really have enjoyed myself, you’ve been a very charming prince”
The pair walked towards the car, Saffron stayed inside, visible to the pair but not wanting to interfere.
“So is that your dragon?”, he joked
“Oh no, you’d know if you met her” she smiled “Good night.”
White climbed into the car and they pulled away.
“Well…?” Saffron beckoned,
“Oh Goddess I had a great time,” started the girl sitting forward in her seat. “I was anxious but excited…and he was as nervous as me like you said he would be but I remembered what we’ve talked about and I stayed as calm as I could and …wasn’t the Mistress going to pick me up.. and oh.. did you see us…?”
The Goddess calmly spoke, “See you what my dear, share a moments affection?”
“Oh dear, I’m sorry, please don’t tell the Mistress” White said returning a little to her shy self as the adrenaline and excitement wore off
“Yes White I did see, and there’s nothing to be sorry about. Tonight was a big step for you, a big adventure and I hope you enjoyed it and will learn from it.”
“Oh I can’t wait to tell Dark, is she okay?”
“Of course she is, Red has been keeping an eye on her, just take a moment to think through what you are going to say to her when you get back, remember she will have been worried”
“Yes, yes of course” said the girl as she slumped back in the seat with a huge sigh.

On reaching the house it was indeed Dark who was waiting at the front door, anxious to see her friend return safely, her blindfold over her forehead as she peered from the safety of the doorway. She hugged her friend the moment she could, holding her hand but not speaking as they walked up stairs to the bedrooms.
Red was asleep in the grand bed beside the Mistress who was reading. The woman peered down over her glasses as the 3 entered the room.
“It appears someone had a good evening, everything okay my dear?” she spoke firmly
“Yes Mistress, thank you for letting me go.”
“I hope the evening was worthwhile” with that she looked back into her book and continued. White turned to the Goddess who merely shook her head gently from side.
“It’s late, but you two have much to chat about I’m sure, why don’t you just stay together tonight in Whites room?” The pair nodded as they stood their hands laced together firmly, the Goddess leaned to kiss the both on the forehead and said goodnight.
The girls proceeded to the Mistress’ side and she did the same before they disappeared off to Whites room together.

As the house quietened down for another night the last two people awake were of course Dark and White, laying side by side facing each other, their arms gently holding the other one. She told her of the evening she’d had, what she’d eaten, every last little detail, Dark wanted to know everything, she even told her of the kiss, which Dark found hard to hide her worry.
“It’s okay Dark, I’m back here now, I’m safe and I’m with you.” she reassured
“Yes but.. I still worry, you never meant to join here forever, you’ve stayed longer than I thought, I’m sorry I just don’t ever want you to leave, and that’s very selfish of me but it’s the truth.” she stroked her friends face gently, pushing her golden hair behind her ear, gazed into her blue eyes.
“Dark it was just something I had to do, I just needed to prove I could do it, and I have. I challenged myself that I could do it, and now I know I can, but that doesn’t mean I want to do it again.”
“Really?” Dark looked puzzled
“Yes Dark, I needed to know I could do it, because a year ago I know I couldn’t have at all. It gave me great confidence to know that I was able to be alone, unprotected by the mistresses. But it also made me realise something else about my future here.”
Darks faced looked anxious, the whole day had already been a turbulent one full of emotion “Wh..what’s that?” she asked looking down, worried.
White lifted her head gently and leaned into her, the bridges of their nose and foreheads met as she whispered.
“That my future, regardless of where, my one requirement above all others that I would defy even the mistresses to cling to, is that I never wish to be parted from you.”
The worried girls eyes welled and she choked a little “Me? Really?”
“Yes Dark, you. All the while I was out tonight I didn’t think much of the Goddess, other than what she had taught me, I thought briefly of the protective Mistress and what she had said, but ultimately it was you I couldn’t get out of my mind, I love you more than anyone else, it’s so clear now. Whether in this house or maybe even some day our own, I want out future to be together.

The pair gazed at one another, Darks eyes welled instantly and she leaned into her friend to hold her tight. “I love you White” she whispered, “I always will”. Reciprocating the hug as their heads hit the pillow White spoke softly back. “I love you too Dark, more than anything else in this world.”

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 17 – Date night

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