“A House of Colours” Part 19 – The Order Part 2

This is Chapter 19 of Mistress Raven’s A House of Colours

The heavy wooden doors of the grand hall opened and Mistress Jenn, resplendent in her extravagant Gold dress, walked towards the open doors of the drawing room where all of the girls waited. Some what more sympathetically than Madame Amy but still stern. She summoned who she needed. “Raven and those designated Red, White and Dark, follow me, the rest of you remain silent”.

Raven confidently followed Jenn with the girls trailing behind her as the rest of the girls in the room remained coy and silent.

In the room that Red had been in the previous week there was now a large solid oak table, Madame Amy sat in the centre position with the Goddess to one side and a space returned to by Mistress Jenn on the other. The full order of Mistresses where spread out along the table in their pairs, the blue and purple hues to one side, the greens, pinks and sole red the other.

Raven stood opposite the line up in the centre of the room with the three girls behind her, all standing separately, heads low. Red eyed around the room she had been in days earlier, dramatically lit now, heavy curtains pulled across the large window at the back of the room, the lighting focused on the centre of the room where her Mistress now stood, defiantly dark in a room surrounded by the other women in flamboyant colour. Glancing up she noticed the girl she had seen previously in the cage beside the throne now in one of those suspended from the ceiling above observing.

Madame Amy stood and walked from behind the table to the 4 figures now present.

“We are here today to decide on the fate of the girl currently designated as Red” the pacing woman focused on Red herself on saying the word ‘currently’. “Taking a 3rd girl into your house is beyond the rules of the order, whilst it is permissible to allow a Mistress two subjects it is not appropriate in your case as you are not recognised as a full mistress, this house recognises Dark and White as being in possession of the Goddess. Your existence is unrelated.” She ended the line looking right into Ravens eyes. She stood tall, defiant and resplendently in her black attire in a room of colour.
She was focused.
Staying calm.

Madame Amy paced around her, eyeing her up and down, her own gown flowing on the floor around her.

“You are barely older than her yourself and you expect to take her as your own.” Amy believed she knew fully well how to raise Ravens anger, hitting her with a criticism of age was an easy blow, but Raven had indeed grown more intelligent herself and was quick to reply.

“Madame, I find it curious that you judge me by my age when you have taught me that age is merely a number that doesn’t correlate to experience nor intelligence. Do you not think I have experienced and endured enough in my lifetime to make me worthy?” She spoke firmly but softly.

“I taught you a great many things and I wonder how many of those you have forgotten.” Madame scowled,

Raven, unfaltering, continued her defence, she had already worked out the most likely ploy of her former Mistress and was ready for these attempts to unsettle her. “Above all else Madame Amy was it not you that taught me first hand, encouraged me to grow which I have continued to do even away from you.”

Amy continued to step around her foe, “But you are not a full Mistress, beyond measurement of your age in mere years there is a level of maturity and respect and you stand before the order in this colour knowing we have all agreed it has no place here.”

“You created the motive for this act of defiance, more so Madame Amy you created me. Have I not demonstrated my abilities and at least earned my right to a place among you.” Raven professed.

She breathed in slowly, calming her usual brash nature. She thought of turning the attack on her attacker, somewhere she new might unsettle her.

“I believe Madame that you are hiding the true reason for this objection” Raven stated,

“I’m listening Little Bird” Madame replied cynically,

“You have taught me well, of that there is no doubt, like many great minds throughout history you sought to create a prize, a legacy, an individual of unrivalled intellect and compassion to stand by your side and share in your vision. But it didn’t work out, you now fear your own creation. You thought you where creating perfection but in being so thorough with your teachings you have created something unpredictable, something with freedom of thought, something chaotic, something you can no longer control.”

Madames face glanced around the room to her compatriots, all keenly listening in.

Ravens eyes lit seeing the hesitation, her tone become more tenacious

“That’s it isn’t it. For so long you have held power, been unchallenged, neither by your sisters, nor anyone within this order and you now see your own creation is no longer in your control. Is this why I am not recognised on this council…. Fear…. Fear of me, not physically, but mentally, that you have created a mind with a will and resolve to defy what I believe to be morally wrong, a set of morals that you instilled yourself.

Amy paced around her, sighting the looks of the other Mistresses around the room. She quickly quoted the rules of the order. “Your background forbids it Little Bird” she hung out the word little again to pressurize the dark Mistress to lose focus and demonstrate a lack of self control. “No slave has ever transcended to being a Mistress, it is simply not done”.

Calmly continuing her defence Raven responded “Rules again, just rules that the people in this room have the power to change. If you did, then this would not be an issue.”

Realising that she was not being successful at unsettling her adversary Madame Amy changed her approach, turning to the seated Goddess.

“And what have you got to say about this, little sister?”

Composed as usual the Goddess spoke calmly, “I know I am unable to influence the decision, but I do know we all want the same thing and that is whatever is best for Red. If Raven believes we are the best for her then I am fully supportive of that notion and will support her fully. The focus of this matter should not be lost and turned into something between the pair of you, nor your history together.”

Amy was growling inside, “Simple words, but remember sister you gave up a great deal for her, you made a sacrifice” she turned to Raven once again, “What are you prepared to do Little Bird.”

Raven turned her head, glancing around the room to make eye contact with the seated Mistresses, “I will do whatever the council deem necessary, it is their choice, they made the right decision once before and I believe they will do it again.” she ended facing the Goddess who nodded, blinking slowly, recalling the past pain they had endured.

Raven ended her gaze looking back upon her combatant in front of her.
“With respect Madame Amy, it is not your decision to make alone”.

“Respect, RESPECT Little Bird, you need to be retaught the meaning of the word” Amy spat. “You will show respect for me, this council and this order, after all we have done for you.”Raven concentrated on remaining calm, she had nothing to add, so stood clenching her fists, gritting her teeth.”Leave us” Madame Amy instructed, “We will call you when we have made our decision”The four walked back to the reception room full of girls. After a few moments Mistress Jenn opened the door calling in the pets to be with their respective Mistresses. “White” She called, “The Goddess requires you”. The girl reluctantly squeezed Darks hand and passed it to Reds bound but open hands before looking longingly at the Mistress in dismay. No words were needed from the muted White, Raven knew how to read her “Go on” she guided, “She needs to be with one of us”.After the commotion of the girls departing Raven stood looking out of the window as Dark and Red stood hand in hand “Mistress I..””Silence Red” The woman barked back. She turned slowly.”Please, just…. kneel and be silent for me my precious girls”. She added before turning and facing out the window.The pair knelt in silence for some 30 minutes as their Mistress gazed away fro them. Until once again Mistress Jenn returned to the room. With no one about she was more informal and grabbed Ravens arms “You said you’d do anything Raven, it’s nothing you can’t handle, Saffron has had no say but she told me to say she supports you. Just go with the offer, you’ll be fine.”After a deep breath Raven was ready and nodded, “Thank you Jenn, for everything you’ve ever done for me, thank you.” She turned to the girls kneeling beside her “Stand up girls” The girls did as instructed. “Red I want you to listen to me know, I’m not sure what is going to happen in that room, but I want your to remember two things. Firstly we must respect the decision of the order, whatever is decreed, and secondly,” the woman paused and rested her hand on the side of the girls face, “Secondly, I love you.”The girl forced an awkward smile, her emotions where already raised to the roof. To then to hear those few words from her Mistress in that moment made her head spin, she was overwhelmed with happiness yet surrounded by fear of what may come. Her mouth dropped open as she searched for words to respond with but Raven simply put a finger to the girls lips to stop here and two read all the needed to know from the others eyes.Once back in the room, the only change was that the Mistresses girls now knelt before their owners at the table, Raven eyed the Goddess and could see she had been crying. Red noticed the same in Whites eyes as she stood still holding hands with Dark “Kneel girls, “Raven uttered, which the pair promptly did. Again Raven took to the centre of the room.
Madame Amy once again stood but remained at her position at the table and spoke.
A House of Colours Part 19“There is a place for the girl, currently known as Red, to be taken in with Violet and Lavender, there she will be cared for as she would be in any house, learn from them until such time that it is deemed appropriate to rejoin the house of the Goddess.” She smiled at Raven in a sly manner.This wasn’t what Raven expected to hear and she felt her anger building but remained silent, Madame Amy seated herself and now Mistress Jenn stood and spoke.
“Due to the position of the Goddess in the order the council have agreed to offer an alternative.”Raven focused, Jenn continued, speaking clearly.”If there is no sacrifice there is no learning. It can not merely be granted, nor gifted, only earned.”She paused to make eye contact with Raven before continuing.
“The council have agreed that Red may be permitted to stay in the House of the Goddess, on a single condition. By way of payment and sacrifice, to demonstrate learning to those concerned that ownership of Raven be returned to her original Mistress for 1 month. She will reside here from this day for the next 30 nights effective immediately under the possession of Madame Amy.”As Mistress Jenn finished the statement Madame Amy stood and walked towards Raven. In her hand, a worn black leather collar. “What is it to be Little Bird” Amy gleefully posed, “Or would you rather I take the girl myself.”Raven stared back still defiantly at Madame Amy and then eyed the collar.It had been her own.She looked at the Goddess with pain in her eyes as the memories of the past flooded her mind. It pained her to even consider going back, to serve once more, to be apart not just from Red and the girls, but also from her first love, her Goddess for the first time in a long time she didn’t know what to do. She looked at Saffron. Behind eyes welling with tears Saffron nodded and mouthed simply ‘I love you’.That alone gave Raven the strength she needed to make her decision and continue, this was not about winning or losing a battle, this was about doing what was required to ensure Reds best interests were met. She had before that day thought of other possible outcomes, another house, but these ideas where instantly dismissed. She knew Madame Amy could teach her well, but in the time Raven had known Red she had already grown possessive. Amy had always followed the orders strict rules throughout her teachings, inspiring much of Ravens own repertoire, she knew she would treat her fairly.”Every righteous step requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle make us more deserved of happiness” Raven uttered as she kneeled, slouched low, her hands behind her back, bowed her head and closed her eyes “My Mistress, I give myself to your teachings once more,willingly, unconditionally and respectfully” she uttered as one single tear made its way down her left cheek.”NO!!” cried out Red as she raised her bound wrists, “Not like this, not for me Mistress!” Dark was quick to tighten the hold on the girls hand and pulled her to her shoulder.”Is your pet objecting to your decision Little Bird” Madame Amy scorned with delight, “You don’t seem to have much luck with obedience do you?”Raven turned to Red, easily seeing the mix of terror and ferocity in her eyes from across the room but tried with everything within her to look at her in a reassuring way.The girl found herself in a room full of power, all eyes on her as she stared at no one but her Mistress. Struck by the passion of care for her Mistress, not wanting her to be in the position she was now in, but aware that her Mistress knew best and she only lived to serve her. Dark held her, supported her, and after the moments had spun in her head over and over she realised the decision of her Mistress would always overrule anything she decided herself, that had been her pledge, her decision to give herself fully. She tucked her head into Darks shoulders.
Madame Amy smiled, a visible shiver ran through her body she had longer for such an opportunity “Very well my Little Bird, lets do this properly shall we?”Madame Amy brushed her hand along Ravens cheek, unclipping the large hair grip holding her hair in so perfectly and it tousled down to below her shoulders. With a lustful look in her eyes, she gripped a clump of it and pushed the long hair aside forcefully tilting Ravens head as she herself had done on many occasions to Red. She delicately unclasped the silk choker. “All these years and I kept this, wondering why” she raised her hand with the black collar in it “I’m glad I did Little Bird” Amy whispered as she replaced the choker and buckled the heavier leather collar in its place.”There, it still suits you so well” Amy looked on in glee, her hand reaching up and around the girls collared neck, firmly gripping, then beginning to choke hold her pet.
“Your re-education will be my pleasure, now, get those boots off and kneel up my pet” she bellowed pushing her away. Raven kicked off her long boots and pushing them aside while keeping her head bowed. As she did the woman walked to a cowering Red still being held by Dark, she held out the silk collar in her fingertips towards the girl. “You’d best take good care of this”, Red reached out and took it from the woman without saying a word.Stalking her way back to the middle of the room Madame Amy produced a large pair of scissors and snipped at the air in quick motions, “Now lets return you to how you should be dressed shall we, any objections little bird?” The room was a mix of emotion, with many delighting at the unfolding scene but the few hiding inside the pain they felt. The simple point of Madame’s show was humiliation and she was revelling in it.”No Mistress.” was the response from crest fallen Raven as Amy skilfully and slowly cut at the material down the arms of her top until it hung tattered from her shoulders. Then she moved behind her to cut swiftly down her the spine allowing the remnants of the jacket to fall to the floor. Her lace top similarly cut down the back as the woman began to tear it apart. Tugging the material from her chest until it was bared.

“Stand MY pet” Amy barked, to which Raven reluctantly stood still bowing, barefoot now, as the woman guided the scissors towards the girls waistband and cut downwards, allowing the last remnants of dress material to fall unsupported to the floor.

Motionless, Raven stood with just black leather shorts and her collar on, her hair a straggling mess, in the centre of the room. The crowned Madam stood over the girl and lifted her chin with her left hand, while raising her right palm high. With a fire in her eye she swung fiercely and her palm impacted with a whack across Ravens face knocking her sideways catching her balance with outstretched hands she merely rose herself back up and looked back at Madame “Thank you my Mistress” she beckoned through the pain, as the hand swung once more and pushed her nearly to the floor upon impact.

“Who knows best Little Bird?” the woman veered through gritted teeth.

“You do Mistress” was Ravens reply as again the hand struck her cheek, each impact making Saffron wince.

“Now my Little Bird, kneel down.”
Raven knelt accordingly, her hands behind her back, instinctively putting her head down initially but madame kept it facing up by standing behind her pulling her hair back. Enabling the onlookers to see her face clearly, cold and emotionless, sore from the swipes to her face but resolute and focussed.

Madame Amy produced a riding crop from beneath the folds of her gown and turned to engage her audience, “Who wants to join me, ladies?”

Azure and Ruby were quick to leer and stand, joining her in the centre of the room, producing their own weapons to inflict pain. One by one they took a turn at striking the girls bare back. Intermittently Raven would cry out masking her pain with thanks.

The Goddess stood, “I think that’s enough of show” she pleaded but it fell on deaf ears as Mistress Jenn stood and put her arm through hers “You need not say sister, I’ll make sure it doesn’t get out of hand but you know Raven can take it, take your girls and get back to your house. I’ll keep you informed.”

By now 5 Mistresses surrounded Raven, each swinging and lashing at her body, impacting on her back, striking her breasts, every inch of her was fair game, with the girl still thanking them. The Goddess walked around the table and stood with her girls, calling White over. White having to circumnavigate the fracas barely avoiding being struck herself by flailing whips and crops. Joining the Goddess by the door, the three girls looked on in anguish themselves clinging to one another.

Madame stepped back from the foray to stand and admire the proceedings, “Leaving so soon sister?” The Goddess merely glared at her, “Oh do stay sister, it’s just getting interesting. Ruby, lower my pet will you” she gestured to the iron structure hanging over head with Amys own girl within it.

The cage was lowered as instructed and came down off centre in the room. Madame Amy was quick to open it and help the shackled girl out of it. “Come my precious one, I need your help to teach someone their place if they are to stay in this house with us.” The girl silently stood as Amy put her arm around her lovingly and the girl smiled into her as they walked towards Raven. The humbled Mistress by now awash with marks and scars from the onslaught she had been given.

“Look at me little bird” the spoke strongly and Raven raised her face to look at the woman standing over her. “Now my precious pet, we will have a new pet to share for a little while, but she needs to know her place, strike her face.” she instructed the girl, who looked back at her hesitant at the request. “Don’t be shy, she was wants you to do it don’t you Little Bird.”

Raven looked up at the girl, clearly it was not in her nature to do such a thing.

“Yes Mistress, it will teach me.” She spoke, to assure the girl more than anything. Shaking the girl raised her handed and slapped her somewhat gently on her cheek.

“Harder than that!” Madame Amy barked making the girl jump. Raven could see the girl was uncomfortable in the moment so made sure she made eye contact with her and gently nodded her head, trying to relay to the frightened girl that it was ok.

With that the girl swung her hand once more, harder this time, closing her eyes and wincing herself as it made contact, not as forceful as the blows from Amy. Raven answered with a “Thank you” and turned her head to the floor once again.

“Aaaah good girl, she knows her place” Madame Amy stepped forwards now, wrapping her fingers into the collar on Raven and started walking across the room dragging her with her, scrambling to keep up. She opened the door of the cage and gestured her inside. Raven was hesitant. It was not the first time she had been in this very cage but she pushed herself to obey.

As it was being raised to the ceiling she looked down at Saffron, holding onto the girls as best she could by the door, her hands gripping the bars, she took a final look at the four of them before she closed her eyes and turned away.

“Come on girls, we’re leaving” Saffron instructed..

“We can’t leave her Goddess” Red protested, “We must my dear, Raven is strong, far stronger than those here today, come on, if we are not here as an audience things will calm down, we must leave” and she dragged the girls through the door.

The journey back home was painfully cold, the five had become four. Silence was only broken by gentle sobbing.

Back at the house, a book lay open where Red had been reading with her Mistress that morning. The girl thumbed the pages gently.

“I know this is hard for you to understand Red, it’s ok, we haven’t lost her, she’ll be back before you know it” The Goddess was trying her best to reassure everyone. Red turned to her, her face a mess.

“But the thought of her now, all alone and that’s my fault, I caused that, I hate myself for it.” the girl protested,
“It’s not your fault Red, Raven and I knew the risks and it is her choice to do this, she could have put you in the other house, she’s doing it for you.” Saffron explained
“But I don’t understand why, I don’t deserve it, and she doesn’t deserve what she’s putting herself through.”
“Red, Raven wants you as a part of our family, by doing this, she ensures it, it becomes irreversible, the order… the order has given her so much so she has to do it this way.”
The girls face was full of conflict, searching her mind for understanding, the events of the day too much for her to comprehend. Saffron held the girl by her arms.
“I’m not expecting you to like the decision, or understand it, but you must accept it.”

“Oh Goddess!” The girl fell into the womans arms, and sobbed, her Mistress had already done so much for her, more than anyone else, and now this, “How can you be so calm?”

The Goddess held her tight, as the girls tears trickled down her cheeks onto the diamond studded corsetry of her dress, the woman kissed the girls head and then whispered in her ear.

“Because, I know Raven, because of love  ….. and because it is exactly what I had to do myself to earn her place with me originally, and I didn’t hesitate then either”.


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“A House of Colours” Part 19 - The Order Part 2
Article Name
“A House of Colours” Part 19 - The Order Part 2
Part 19 of the "A House of Colours" series written by Mistress Raven, This chapter is called The Order part 2
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Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 19 – The Order Part 2

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