“A House of Colours” Part 21 – Happy Submass

This is Chapter 21 of  A House of Colours

Happy Submass

“Why do we keep doing this again? ” whispered Raven.
“Because we want to see the looks on the girls faces when they wake up tomorrow and they see that Santa has visited of course.” replied Saffron.
It was the early hours of Christmas day and the pair where heading down the corridor to the girls rooms, Saffron was carrying a couple of gifts while Raven followed, her arms full of neatly packaged boxes. Each one had an appropriately coloured ribbon for the appropriate house mate.
“You’re bonkers sometimes you knew ” the dark mistress muttered as they approached White’s door, “we can give them anything we choose on any day of the year so why make a big deal out of it? ”
“Because it’s a nice thing to do to show them we think they have been good girls of course. ”
“I can think of far more fun ways to do that.” she replied cheekily as Saffron gestured she be quiet as she opened the door.
There, snuggled inside her bed was White, with Dark tucked up behind her as was often the case, her arms around her tightly as they spooned and entwined together.
As Saffon crept in to place gifts on the bedside dresser for both girls Raven stood adoringly taking in the sight of the pair. “Your gifts are a sweet idea my love but there is no longer anything we could give either of them that could come close to what they already have.”
Saffron smiled and faced Raven
“A family, a home..?” she mused.
“Each other” Raven answered from her glossy eyed stare. “They are selfless, not materialistic, kind and loving… they were made for each other… and we brought them together.”
“Fate has a clever way of making sure souls meet” Saffron spoke softly, almost to herself but she looked at Raven, who on hearing it had started to smile and had turned her gaze to her. Raven simply smiled back with a glow. As if warmed by all the memories of their own past as they flooded her mind.

The pair took a final moment to take in the scene of the sleeping duo. Saffron kissed her hand and placed it on each of their foreheads in turn before they left the room as quietly as they had entered it. With fewer parcels now they headed to the room of their newest guest. Red had now been with the family 6 months. After the events that led to her permanent position being secured in the house she had settled in immediately. Living as though she had been there for years. There were of course quiet times, The Goddess and White often went away for work, as too had Raven on occasion, each time Red fearing she would return with her replacement. That feeling was never going to go away fully, but it kept Red remaining focused on her role in the house and she never took it for granted. She was always rewarded for her dedication on her Mistresses return and in Ravens absence she had grown close to to her new sisters.

Raven entered her room quietly, as she had often done in the still of the night. But this time there was to be no domination, no sexual encounter, no lesson for her willing pet.  She simply placed the few gifts on the bedside table and left, merely whispering the words ‘my little one’  as she did.

Returning back to the main bedroom with Saffron the pair soon fell asleep  in each others arms.

As Red opened her eyes some hours later her bedroom door burst open as White and Dark invaded shouting “Santa has been!!” Clutching armfuls of gifts that had been placed there the previous night they lept onto her bed. She looked around the room and saw parcels of her own. The joy of the girls instantly made her smile and they all hugged one another.
“Who’s getting the Goddess her coffee” the deep voice of the Mistress bellowed as she appeared at the doorway with a mischievous grin, the three girls instantly feeling they ought to serve as usual. “relax girls, I’m only kidding, I shall get her coffee while you are opening your gifts.”
The girls all giggled in delight.
“Oh and please wear something casual and comfortable girls, today, we are all equals in the house. No one is to work harder than anyone else and that is a command… understood!” the statement was met with more giggles and positive nodding as Raven walked off leaving the girls to open their gifts. For Dark their was some gardening equipment, some black and white stripey thigh high socks and a cowl mask with blanks over the eyes. For White, a new smoothie maker, the same thigh length socks but in silver and white and some sparkly angel wings. Finally for Red, a halo mounted on a hair band, socks again but in plain but bold red colour and some lengths of red rope, no doubt for someone else to use on her.
Each of them also had matching winter hats, with long strings of material than hung down  to their waists, along with chocolates and perfume sets.

White knew she would be preparing the huge dinner planned for later that day. Having sat with Saffron weeks before and planned every last detail. Of course when the girls dressed in shorts and strappy tops they all headed to the kitchen and help one another. swiftly the trio had things prepared and cooking, a large Turkey complimented by many vegetables grown by Dark in their garden. Dark herself left to lay the table in the Grand dining room as Saffron had instructed. Red decided to see if the Mistresses required anything so scurried back upstairs to find them.  She came across Saffron on the stairs. Now dressed herself in a short white party dress.
“Goddess, your gifts  you’re so kind. I hadn’t really expected anything.  Thank you so much. Is there anything you need today?”
“You’re very welcome” She answered, “and no, not right now dear. But you can check on your Mistress, she’s still upstairs.”
“Yes Goddess I will.” She answered answered and ran up the remaining stairs to find Raven brushing her long dark hair sat in front of the mirror at her dressing table.
“Is there anything I may do for you my Mistress?”
The woman, wearing a black shear lace top and trousers, turned and smiled to see her, not at the moment my pet, did you like the gifts?”
“oh yes Mistress  thank you. It’s more than I imagined…  There’s something I um.. Something I’d like to give to you.. If I may.. “The girl became instantly nervous.
“Of course my pet, but all I ever need from you is your dedication.”
“Um.. Okay.. Wait her please.” and Red took off to her bedroom, appearing moments later with a scrap of paper in her hand.
“Mistress may I read something I wrote please..” the girl asked tentatively, trying hard to hide her nervous emotions. She knew her Mistress was not materialistic, so she had searched hard for something to give her. She cleared her throat with a little cough and began to read from the piece of paper. “My Mistress… She found me when I was lost, she does not bully me, she treasures me, she does not hurt me, she does not belittle me, she respects me, she does not humiliate me” the girl managed to glance up from the scrap of paper held in her shaking hands to her Mistress after each sentence. “She takes care of me, she does not try to change me, she guides me, she does not demand my submission, but she has it… Completely.” Coyly she stood waiting for a reaction. As her words had been read out Raven had felt every statement, by the end she was herself shaking inside. So proud of her Little One to have come up with a thoughtful gift.

“Come here my Little One” she beckoned, the girl instinctively approached her and knelt before her, bowing her head.
“Are you okay my pet, you’re finding the day a challenge aren’t you.” The girls head, still bowed, nodded. “Let me see those beautiful eyes” Raven instructed, “Talk to me my pet, tell me how you’re feeling.”
The girl raised her head, holding back her emotions as best as she could, but Raven could tell from her body language all day that her pet was finding the day hard.
“I’m a little bit in shock,” The girl explained “I never really had a proper family, nor a proper Christmas. Now I’m surrounded by love and people that genuinely care for me” the girls eyes started to well up as she knelt “It’s all a bit overwhelming Mistress” she spluttered and burst into tears and fell into Ravens welcoming arms. As the girl sobbed the woman held her tightly. “It’s ok Little One, I understand, believe me I truly do, I’ve been where you are now, for years alone, and then suddenly surrounded by people that care. You fear it a dream, you look for the falseness, awaiting the moment it goes bad. But here I still am, thankful for everyday.”

“Mistress I.. I wish I could give you more to show my thanks, to prove how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for me, the desire inside of me, so desperately wanting to give you every last thing that I have, every last part of my being. It’s all yours. My heart, my body, my soul, every hour of every day of my life I dedicate to you and still I want to give you more. Poppy is gone, I am simply Raven’s Little One, Red. Yours. Always” The girl spoke with such passion and conviction as the feeling inside her to please her Mistress and give everything she possibly could flowed through her. “Mere words cannot come close to how I truly feel about my place in your life Mistress.”

“My dear Little One, we must never forget where we have come from… It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory, but I assure you, you’re never going back… I know that from how you talk to me, and how I feel about you. But our pasts are what make us who we are, both the good and bad. Without our own personal histories we would not have become the people we are nor would we be present in one anothers lives at this moment, for this we must be thankful.” With that she kissed the girl on the brow and closed her eyes savouring their embrace.
Tucked into Ravens chest as tightly as she could get Red spoke “I am Mistress, so thankful, for you, the Goddess, my sisters everything you’ve given me.”

At that point the Goddess entered the room, “Dinner is ready you two, come on.”

The table was laid out in the Grand dining room. The glass table adorned with silver ware, crystal glassware, Dark had a bottle of champagne and was filling the glasses. Saffron and Raven sat down as Red went into the kitchen where White was just putting the final servings of food on the plates. Between them they carried them through to the table.

Before they began Saffron spoke. “White.. Would you like to say a few words before we eat?” White suddenly in the spot light looked anxious and started to splutter “I.. Er. I” before Saffron interrupted her..  “Sorry dear.. I was only teasing.. White.. I would like to thank you for always making sure the family is well fed, Dark, thank you for keeping our garden and home prosperous and tidy and Red..  Thank you for making our family feel complete. I would like to toast the three of you. Without you this is just a house, you make it a home. Without you, Raven and I are a couple, you make us a family.”She stood up, Raven doing the same, and the pair raised their glasses, “To our girls” she said, Raven repeating after her. “Now let’s eat!” stated Raven and they all tucked into their dinner.

As the meal was almost over Dark stood up and pointed out the window “Look!” She shrieked, “It’s snowing” added White, what a perfect colour everything will be!” She added giggling, “Yes.. Because living in a white house isn’t enough for some” added Raven sarcastically. “Well at least it gets dark earlier in Winter, eh my little princess of darkness” the comment directed to Dark who chuckled “hehe yes mistress.”
Dark walked over to the window followed by Red and White and the three leaned up against the window peering out at the garden as it slowly paled, being covered in a sheet of snow. “It must be really strange in Australia” chirped White. “It’s their summer.. they never have a white Christmas.” She pondered. “I wonder what they put on their Christmas cards?” thought Dark.. “Do they still have snowmen?”

Raven and Saffron stood behind them watching the trio chattering between themselves at the window. A glass of champagne in one hand while their free hands laced together.
“Has everyone finished eating? asked Saffron.
The girls all turned together “oh yes, thank you” answered Red, her sisters nodding with her. “We will tidy away Mistresses, please go and relax upstairs in the living room and we will join you shortly.”
“Very well girls, thank you.” Saffron spoke before the pair went and sat in the living room, continuing with their glasses of champagne, Raven stoked the flames of the fire.

When the three girls found them in the room some time later they had all got changed. One by one they entered the room and all three stood in a row in front of the mistresses. Wearing their collars, personal adornments and now large bows of ribbon in ‘their’ respective colours around their waists.  They had also put on their  new thigh high socks, and woolly hats. As they stood their in their rather unique Christmas outfits the three looked sheepish.

Raven looked suspicious. “What is it girls?”

“We’d like to ask you for one final gift.” Dark asked coyly as White nodded in agreement, now silenced by her gag.
“Please don’t think us greedy” Red added “It would finish the day perfectly.”
“Tell us a story Mistress.” Dark asked,
“What do you want me to read?” Raven answered, knowing that the girls enjoyed her reading stories from the family library. She looked at the three girls before her lovingly, detecting they all felt a little anxious. They had discussed this moment earlier in the day and now all of them were getting stage fright. White nudged Dark.
“I.. I mean .. We … We three would like to hear the real story about how you met the Goddess… if that’s ok…er .. please..?” The unsighted girl spurted out.
Surprised Raven looked at Saffron “Did you put them up to this?”
“Don’t look at me” she answered, shaking her head as she held her glass. “I’d love to hear it, and I will be listening clearly for accuracy.”
“Okay then” The Mistress said “come on you three” holding her arms open so the three would join her on the sofa. Red sat one side and leaned into her, raising her bound hands to her Mistress’s as it reached around her shoulders, as usually looking doe eyed at her. White sat to the other side holding Darks hands who snuggled in beside her.
“Right…” started Raven “Once upon a time there was a little blonde Princess and a Dragon”
“RAVEN!” shouted Saffron from across the room.
“Okay, okay!” She sighed, and quietened her time before starting again.
“A few years ago, before this house was built, before any of us knew each other there was a girl. She was….” Raven turned to Saffron, making eye contact as she began the emotional tale “She was a little lost…..”

As the fireplace crackled the girls all huddled together, Saffron sat and watched the girls listening intently to the words. The story of course was her own as well as that of Raven, she knew it well. Seeing the girls emotions follow the highs and the lows of all that had happened to get them to where the were now was an unexpected gift even for her.
A truly special moment shared with her family.

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“A House of Colours” Part 21 - Happy Submass
Article Name
“A House of Colours” Part 21 - Happy Submass
The final part 21 of the "A House of Colours" series written by Mistress Raven, This chapter is called Returning Bird
Jon The Nudist
Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 21 – Happy Submass

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