Dinner is served by ohmissjones Erotic Story Competition Story 21

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I’ve been daydreaming about Sir all day, wearing a little fluffy butt plug tail that he chose for me. I rather like doing my chores round the house just wearing my little tail and nothing else…..

I hear your car draw up and a little tremor of excitement ripples down me. My favourite part of the day is you coming home and greeting you at the door with just a big smile and a flick of my tail and a perfectly poured glass of cold beer in my hand for you.

You come in through the door and, with just the merest glance at my eager face, reach down to see how wet I am, bending me over to make sure my tail is in properly and all the while getting me to tell you what I’ve been doing all day and how I have been working to make your life and your home happier.

After you’ve checked my tail and pinched my nipples you check my pussy again by ordering me to sit on a chair and spread myself open for you. I’m blushing at the humiliation, you can see I’m very wet and you easily slip two fingers in.

Pulling them out you push them hard into my mouth and force me to suck them while grabbing my breast hard with your other hand. Releasing my reddened breast your hand moves down my belly and your fingers play mercilessly with my clit. You strum it hard and fast as I moan against the fingers I’m sucking away at and buck against the fingers that are making me drip.

You pull your fingers from my mouth and kiss me hard, snaking your tongue around mine as you suddenly push four fingers hard into my throbbing pussy. Fucking me with your fingers you’re reaching my Gspot and my moaning and wriggling tells you that I’m getting close…

“What do you want girl, tell me what my little slut is desperate for?”

“Sir, your cum Sir…” I gasp out between the little waves of pleasure that are starting…

“How are you going to get my little cum bucket?”

“Your cock Sir, pleeeeease …fuck with me with your beautiful cock. Fill me up with your cum Sir” I just manage to mumble it out as I cum with wave after wave of almost unendurable pleasure…my eyes rolling back and animal noises issuing from my wide open mouth. And then your hard cock is there in front of my eyes and down my throat almost before I can take a breath.

You fuck my face til my eyes water and my mascara runs. Dripping with saliva you pull your cock out and sink deeply into my still trembling pussy. Grabbing my hair you look deep into my eyes…

“Whose little bitch are you?”

“I’m yours Sir; I’m your little bitch”

As you fuck me harder and faster you reach down and kiss me hard again biting my lips and sucking my tongue and I start to cum again.

“Please give me your cum Sir” I moan as I feel your pressure building… and suddenly you’re so deep it makes me gasp and I then at last feel your cum hot inside me and see the look of intense pleasure on your wonderful face.

As you slowly pull out some of your cum runs down my thighs…I’m a good girl and I know not to waste any so I wipe it up with my fingers and lick them clean. You lie back down grinning as I carry on my task and lick your sticky cock beautifully clean of both our juices.

“Ding!” That’s the oven timer. Unsteady on my feet, and with a little of your cum escaping down my legs (I’ll be licking up those drips in a minute!), I take the food to the table.

“Dinner is served Sir”

“Good girl”

Dinner is served
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Dinner is served
This story has been submitted to the Write an Erotic story competition if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share
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Dinner is served by ohmissjones Erotic Story Competition Story 21

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