Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator – REVIEW

Grrl Toyz My First Double PenetratorI’ve always been fascinated by anal play but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to enjoy it fully, with no pain whatsoever. After taking my time to explore this aspect of my sexuality and experimenting with butt plugs and anal dildos, I decided it was finally time to take a step further and enter the world of double penetration. At first I tried using two different dongs at the same time but it turned out to be pretty messy, so I started looking for a specific toy and the Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator immediately caught my eye because, unlike standard double penetrators, it’s actually a triple stimulator!


The Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator is basically a vibrating cock ring with which partners can experience double penetration without the need for a third party. The shaft is 5″ long and 1.1″ in diameter, penis-shaped, flexible and with internal vertebrae to bend it to your shape of choice. The clitoral stimulator is 1″ wide with the bullet being 1×0.8″, the cock ring has an internal diameter of 1.4″. Overall, it’s pretty big. The first things I noticed after taking the Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator out of its package are the strong chemical smell and how heavy it is. Inspecting it further, I was a little disappointed by build quality: it’s not bad but in a several spots the surface isn’t even. This toy (except the bullet, of course) is made of soft TPR, a good material in terms of quality and safety. It’s not perfect like silicone, metal or glass, but it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalates-free, smooth and pliable to the touch. It’s a little sticky but becomes very slippery with the use of lubricant; speaking of lube, TPR can usually tolerate either water-based or silicone-based lubes (in this case, however, I recommend doing a patch test just to be sure). Only downside, as I mentioned before, it has a rather strong smell.


Grrl Toyz My First Double PenetratorThe Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator is supposedly intended as a couple toy, but I found it to be pretty versatile. I’ve used it for masturbation with a dong, just like you can see in the product pictures, and by itself as an anal dildo. You can also remove the little bullet and use it solo; well, unless you need strong vibrations (read “my opinion”). The bullet pulsates with different patterns that repeat over and over in a loop cycle. They can be roughly described as: very fast pulsation followed by a longer steady vibration-slow pulses-fast pulses. It’s waterproof.


TPR toys are very easy to clean with warm soapy water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. But this material cannot be sterilized and is porous, so use a condom when sharing. When storing your sex toys, I always recommend keeping them separated from one another to avoid nasty chemical reactions that can damage them.


The shaft is supposed to be shapeable thank to the internal vertebrae, but truth is you can only bend the first couple of inches and not much. It’s soft and completely flexible, though, hence very comfortable. Size makes it perfect for first-timers and for double penetration in general, it’s enough to satisfy without being too much unless you’re an expert in anal play and enjoy bigger toys. A minor issue: it’s heavy and bends downward, I had to struggle a bit to insert it but after a few tries I found my technique and now it isn’t a problem anymore. A huge disappointment was the clitoral stimulator. It’s wireless which is always great, but it’s the weakest I’ve ever tried, to the point of being useless! Good thing is, if like me you need intensity, you can replace it with a stronger vibrator of your choice; the sleeve is stretchy enough to accommodate bullets/eggs bigger than this one. The ring is ok with my dildo, it stays in place; but given its internal diameter is pretty large, I’m afraid it wouldn’t fit less thick penises as well. I think a smaller but stretchier cock ring is always more desirable so one size can fit all. Overall, The Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator is a good toy that could be improved but does its job nonetheless. It’s great for double penetration and switching the bullet with my favourite one allowed me to experience some really powerful orgasms.


Pros: triple stimulation, shaft is perfect size, wireless clit stim, good material, you can replace the bullet with another one of your choice, good value.
Cons: clit bullet is too weak, build quality isn’t the best, shaft isn’t really shapable, the cock ring should have been smaller and stretchier. 7/10

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Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator – REVIEW

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