Customer Service by Tozhma Hall Erotic Story Competition Story 24

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Charlotte was dangling a pair of heels at her, bidding her to go even further, and Nicole had to admit, if she was honest with herself, they really were exceptional. Boots were one thing, and quite sensible actually. They hid her legs, jodhpurs especially, and provided a lot more ankle support. Heels…well heels were more sexy than sensible.

But, Nicole had been sensible for years, and here she was, for the first time since her accident, not just in a store, but trying on shoes. To her, what was sensible had been defined through restriction, a rigid adherence to rules with little if any exceptions. She wouldn’t let herself try new things, or go out to bars, or splurge on herself anymore because it wasn’t sensible; a strategy that, today at least, no longer made sense.

In amongst the nest of rising terraced displays were perched a panoply of choices; low and high, closed and open, plain and patent, expensive and outrageous. Gliding as she did in and out between them there was no option but peering upwards; even the lowest shelf it seemed left something obscured. There had been, of course, the usual smirks and stares at the door, but now sitting deep between the rows a critical redefinition was poised to occur. She was going to take back what was rightfully hers, and declare to the world that she was still a sight to behold, to be held, to be reckoned with.

The twinkle in her eye jumped to a spark.

She saw a name-tagged boy passing through; young enough to be naïve, but big enough to be imposing. Peeking out beneath his sleeves one could see the blackened thorns of what surely must have been an elaborate tattoo, something that, with the tuft of red whiskers on his chin, suggested a man who could walk with comfort in parking garages and darkened alleys. His shirt billowed at each end, constricted in the grasp of a black elastic brace. He had clearly been hired for talents, all of which lay below the neck, and this was anything but his territory. She took Charlotte suddenly by the hand, and braced herself before calling out to him.

“Oh, excuse me sir. Could I bother you for a second?”

She did not so much speak as rhapsodize; the timbre of a smile ringng in her lilted knell.

Turning his head, he seemed shocked, and then sauntered over, likely taken by obligation. Nicole smiled as he approached, and holding out the shoes Charlotte had chosen for her, began to speak.

“Hello, I’m having some trouble here, and I was hoping you could help me out a little.” she let them dangle from one strap by a single finger, beaming up at him, her other hand firm in Charlotte’s palm. His eyes went from her insensible legs, hanging limp inside her crisp new boots, to the shoes. He began looking around for another staff member but found none.

“Oh…uh…um it’s not really my department. I mean I work in Appliances…”

“Oh nonsense, it won’t take a minute. I’m just having a little difficulty here, and I’m sure you can make an exception.”

He bent down in front of her nervously on one knee, and Nicole, who never wore her glasses out of vanity, could now read his name tag.

“Thank you so much for this Ken. You’re a real lifesaver.” she said with a wink and a smile.

“Um, how do I…?”

“It’s like anyone else Ken, you just have to be careful.”

“Uh, OK.”

Charlotte bore into him as he knelt before her, a bead of sweat forming on his brow. He reached forward, taking her paralyzed leg in his hand, and pulled the sole plumb with his chest. He slowly pulled the zipper down as the sheath of leather fell away to reveal her long slender calf. Nicole tightened her grip around Charlotte’s hand.

Timidly he reached forward, unsure of himself, and clearly uncomfortable touching not only a female customer this way, but a disabled one at that. His fingers wrapped around her leg, and his eyes grew wide. Rocking her foot gently from the boot, he lifted her leg up slightly returning it to its place on her chair.

Repeating the process with her other leg, Nicole’s fingers began to sway back and forth inside Charlotte’s palm. He took the boots and began to set them in the box, replaced the paper stuffing and began to re-shelve them when Nicole stopped him.

“Oh Ken, where the devil are you going?”

“I was gonna put them back for you.”

“No, no Ken, I plan on buying them. We think they look rather nice on me,” She said, again squeezing Charlotte’s hand, “don’t you?”

“Oh…uh, well yeah they do.”

“Oh, you do? What did you like about them Ken?”

He turned red, now feeling very put on the spot. Nicole kept her eyes locked dead onto him behind a well practised smile. As the tenths of a second quickly drained with Ken pondering a response, Nicole rolled her wrist in Charlotte’s lap letting her knuckles rub a bit deeper between her legs.

“Well, I mean, they fit you well, and they’d probably go well with…jeans or something.”

“Jeans! What a wonderful idea.”

He placed the box by the edge of Nicole’s chair, and turned to walk away.

“Oh Ke-en!” she called after him, again dangling the shoes. He turned his head over his shoulder hoping to somehow avoid her.

“I still need your help with just one more little thing.” she cracked a devilish smile. “You don’t mind that, do you?”

Ken turned around rigidly, making his way back, with his head down, hoping to avoid eye contact with either of them. They danlged by their heel straps from her outstretched index finger. Ken reached to take them, yet as his hand closed he felt nothing but air. He looked up,finally, to see Nicole, still smiling at him, the shoes dangling from her finger.

“Go on.”

“Did you-”

“There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory, Ken.” she said, and then her tone turned, “Now are you going to cooperate or should I talk to a manager?” her eyes sharpening.

Nicole handed him the shoes, and he obediently knelt down again, his face stiff with tension.

“Thank you so much.” Nicole said, with deliberate overemphasis.

Ken didn’t respond but grabbed her ankle and began fumbling around. Three of her toes slipped in, but two stubbornly resisted and got caught on the edge of the shoe. He pulled it away and tried again, but her toes were hardly cooperative, crumpling, slipping, and sliding every which way but inward, and when they did finally penetrate inside the shoe itself, they would roll back, one over the other in a little log jam he just couldn’t fix. Nicole and Charlotte tried to cover their mouths but it did little to stifle their laughter. Ken could feel his cheeks ablaze as he realized he had the wrong foot.

“Damn it!” he said, his grip uneasy about her flaccid leg.

Charlotte laughed and said, “Well, you know what Einstein says, ‘Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.’”

“Oh dear Ken, where is your attention down there?”

He switched the shoes out, though still seemed awkward and unsure of how to properly handle her paralyzed legs. As he finished he returned each foot to its proper place on her wheelchair’s footplate and again stood up.

“Oh Ken, darling, you’ve been a wonderful help, thank you so much!”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” he replied awkwardly, trying to look away.

“But you must tell me Ken, what do you think? We do need a man’s opinion after all.” Nicole turned briefly to Charlotte with a giggle.

“Well, um they look, uh, they look nice.”

“Do they look nice on me though?”


“Splendid. Ken, I will have to tell your manager what an exceptional experience this was.”

Ken stopped for half a beat to process what she’d said, and with that he zipped out of women’s footwear, and back to his home, in appliances.

Nicole turned to Charlotte beaming with a broad sunny smile. She had never felt so powerful, nor thought herself able to dominate a man like that. She was all aglow, and her hand was still locked around Charlotte’s, nestled in her crotch.

She couldn’t explain it, but she felt overwhelmed with the desire to grab Charlotte by her apple cheeks and kiss her right there in the middle of the store. Instead she leaned back in her chair, let out a big breath and said,

“Wow, I think I need a cigarette!”

She hadn’t smoked in years, but today was a day of exceptions.

Customer Service
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Customer Service
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Customer Service by Tozhma Hall Erotic Story Competition Story 24

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