Back From The Party by SDBeachGuy Erotic Story Competition Story 25

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I heard Mary’s car pull into the driveway, she had been out to a party. She came directly to me as she shed her overcoat and revealed that she was only wearing her thong bikini lingerie set underneath. Her long, thick, auburn hair was in disarray and her thong was visibly stained from her juices. Her face was flushed and she was fingering herself with her thong pushed to one side as she strode towards me.

Without a word, she pulled my robe open and reached for my soft cock. Taking hold of it, she pulled me to the edge of the sofa and swiftly impaled herself on it. I felt her silky wetness surround then squeeze me as she worked me to hardness. She ground her hips on me and moaned with her head back and her eyes closed treating me as if I were nothing  more than a warm dildo for her pleasure!

Mary squeezed her breasts and nipples with one hand while her other was rubbing her swollen clit as she rocked and bounced on my now fully erect cock. I gripped her round hips and thrust mine forward as she pleasured herself on me, knowing that once she came for the first time, her frenzy would subside

After some time of her pure animal selfishness fucking herself on me, she moaned loudly and screamed her first orgasm. With her head raised and eyes closed, she exclaimed “Aaahhh!, Ohhh, Unhhh, Yes, YES!, Ohhh, Fuck!!!, Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Yeesssss! and then held herself down on my rigid cock as her rocking slowed and she collapsed against my chest, her breathing still deep and fast.

Mary opened her eyes, kissed me and said “Thank you” softly. “That was some party!”, I said as she stirred against me and gripped my cock with her talented pussy. “”Yes. I got very horny tonight!”, she said as I laughed! She laughed too when she realized what she said.

“Tell me about your night”, I said as her breathing became normal. “There were six guys, as he said there would be. The guy who hired me was alone when I got there. He wanted me to touch him right away before his friends showed up, so I took off my coat and felt for his cock to stroke him”. She continued, “He was hard as I grabbed his dick and, as he stood in the hallway, I first stroked it as he felt my tits. Then, I got down and sucked him slowly, you know how you like it, and I simply held his dick deep in my mouth and tongued his shaft and slowly sucked him until his guests arrived and saw us.”

Mary sometimes acts as an “adult server” for small, in home private parties. She dresses provocatively and serves drinks, mostly beer and prepared food to the guests during the night as they watch football or play cards. She got the idea for her business from a bachelor party that I was invited to when I told her about the women who were hired for it. She wanted to go with me as an extra but I didn’t let her as it was a friend’s party, but I thought it was a hot idea!

My wife is a highly sexual woman with a very erotic streak that I cannot alone satisfy. So, we added this to our repertoire of sexual outlets for her, and once or twice a month during the fall, she goes out and enjoys herself. And, I get her best after the party, with tonight’s impalement being more intense but not unusual!

“What then?”, I asked, and she continued, “Well, they went into the TV room as I put away their coats and then took their beers and snacks to them. After a couple of rounds, they got more frisky, which is typical. One guy wanted me to jerk him while he watched the game and, of course, I did.”

“I unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out and after a few minutes of jerking him in front of his buddies, the host called for me to get more beers. I got up and brought them in.” I left them but the guy I touched followed me with his cock still out. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. I felt for his dick between his legs as he pulled my top aside to grab my tits.”

Mary was visibly aroused again as she told me what happened a little earlier, “He was pretty excited as I stroked his hard dick while he touched my tits and ass, but his buddies called for him to share me. So, we went back to the other room where I danced slowly before I moved close to them and bent over slightly so they could feel my ass and tits as I moved past each one.”

She continued, “I went back to the first guy and reached for his cock as the others stood around us, feeling me and pulling out their dicks for me.”

Mary’s breathing was getting rapid as she relived her night. “I knelt to suck the guy as his friends surrounded me. They stood near as they told me to suck his dick more, to swallow it, to lick his balls. Each of them had their dicks in hand and pushed them near my mouth while I sucked their friend and stroked a couple of the others with my hands.

One of them grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him. I opened my mouth and took it while I straightened up on my knees. He face fucked me and I grabbed a dick in each hand and sucked each of them in turn as they passed me around. They reached down to feel my tits, pull my nipples and finger my pussy as they waited for me to suck them.”

Mary was now lightly pinching my nipples as she told her story. She straightened up, looked at me and asked “You don’t mind that I do this, or tell you about it?”, and I replied, “I don’t mind as long as you come home to me and we both agree that this is what you need and want”, I continued, “Why, do you worry that I don’t love you because you are so sexual and enjoy sex with other men?”

She looked at me as if I read her mind, and said, “Yes, we have a very different relationship than anyone I know of, even the other couples we’ve been with and the swinger’s we know. It’s as if you enjoy me fucking and sucking other men almost as much as I do!”. “I do”, I said, “and women, too. But it’s because it makes you happy and content with me that I do. And, I know that you love me but your needs are greater than mine so why shouldn’t you enjoy yourself and then come home to me.”

Then, I playfully asked her, “So, what got you so worked up that you came home to rape me?”. Mary smiled and continued her story of her night, “A couple of them shot their jizz on my face and tits and I smeared it on myself before I left to clean up and get them more beer.”

“They went back to watching the game and one of the guys came into the kitchen to get a beer for himself. He looked at me and said he wanted to fuck me and I said no, that wasn’t going to happen. He came closer to me and asked again as he put his cold beer bottle on my tits, rolling it on one nipple then the other as he put his arm around me.”

“He said that he wanted me and I said, again, that I wouldn’t fuck him. He said that he understood but he wanted more than a blowjob.” Mary continued as she now wriggled herself on my semi-rigid cock still inside her. “I didn’t feel threatened and leaned my hips into his hard cock as he ran his cold beer bottle on my nipples. I turned around and leaned forward so that my ass was rubbing his dick.

He reached between my legs and pushed a finger in me. I was already wet from before so he pushed another in and began to work them deeper and finger fucked me as he pushed his cock against my ass.”

“I was getting wetter and spread my legs a little to let him jam his cock between them. His dick head was against my pussy and his fingers were wrapped against my G-spot. He was slowly tapping there and pushing his fingers in and out of me. I leaned against the counter as I felt my legs weaken. I told him that he cannot fuck me and he agreed but wanted to feel my wet pussy against his cock.”

Mary’s hand was now rubbing her clit again as she pushed herself onto my still buried cock. In a husky voice, she continued, “I reached down to hold his cock against my slit as he rubbed himself there. His fingers were rubbing my clit, so I forced his dick head and shaft against my slit and pussy lips”, she was talking haltingly as the pleasure of my hard cock inside her and the recent memory of his hand on her clit was overcoming her ability to talk. Her breathing was heavy now as she ground herself on me.

I took her breasts and pulled them up so she had to straighten up. She “oohhed” at the feeling and I asked her “Then?”, knowing that she could hardly concentrate on her story now. “I…I, uhh, ahhhh” she labored to tell me about the strange dick she felt at her cunt as she became hot from rubbing her pussy and my cock inside her. “He…was finger…fucking…me…ahhhh….and…humping… too, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh!”

Mary just orgasmed again and leaned back to fully feel it. I felt her tighten herself around me. I looked at my wife’s sweaty body. Her beautiful 34B breasts, her taut nipples and perfectly round aureoles that were darker than her light, creamy skin, her pouty belly and freshly shaved pussy. I looked down to see my cock deep inside her and her thick outer lips surrounding it.

She looked back at me and resumed her up and down movement on me, slowly but more forcefully now as she pushed me deeper into her wet cunt with every downward thrust. Suddenly, Mary lifted her hips and my dick fell from her sweet tightness, grazing her asshole with our wetness.

Looking up at me, she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, licking our juices and nibbling the head of my now straining and leaky cock. Taking it deeper, she circled my balls with her thumb and index finger and pulled them taut away from my body as she increased her urgency on my shaft. I shot my juice in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

Mary kept my softening dick in her warm mouth. She gently bit and sucked it as she rubbed herself. Finally, she stood in front of me and bent over to kiss me and offer her breasts to me. We kissed and I tasted myself on her tongue as it swirled in my mouth. Reaching for her hanging breasts, I took them and sucked one then the other as she took hold of my semi-soft cock and gently pulled it.

Mary then sat on the floor with her legs spread open, knees bent and her bare pussy exposed to my gaze. “Want to hear what happened next?”, she asked, seductively. “Yes, I do. You were enjoying humping in the kitchen. Did you give in and finally let him fuck you?” She had a finger tracing her puffy outer lips and said, “No, but I was ready to push his big cock head into me, I was sooo horny from his fingers inside me that I needed more!”, she continued, “I was moaning loudly now as his shaft rubbed against me and his fingers kept rubbing inside.”

His friends heard us and they came in and caught us”. “So?”, I asked, it wasn’t a surprise or anything.” Mary replied, “The host told them that I was not a whore, just a woman who did adult parties and blowjobs, if they were well behaved and respectful. That was our deal and he was good about it. When he heard us, he thought maybe that the guy was taking advantage and looked in and the rest followed.”

“So, what happened?” I asked. “The guy humping me came on my ass as his friends got to the kitchen entry!”, she laughed at the thought and continued, “When I felt it and saw everyone looking at us, I straightened up and slowly spread it on my ass and tits as they watched. They stared at me doing it and all of them cheered!”, she said laughing, “but I knew that they wanted more, so I backed away from the counter and slowly pulled my bra off completely and then reached for my thong. I pulled it between my legs and pussy lips and drew it back and forth as I stepped to the living room.”

They followed me as I expected. In the middle of the living room, I pulled it against my pussy a few more times before I knelt and took it off. I looked from one to the next, staring at their dicks as I spread my legs and fingered myself. I pinched my nipples and squeezed my tits as they watched me.” Mary’s eyes were closed as she told me this part of her story. She is an exhibitionist and enjoys being watched having sex, but she has never done this sort of striptease and I was surprised that she was so bold.

Still leaning on an elbow as she gently traced a finger around her swollen  pussy lips, she continued. “Then, I layed down on my back and spread my legs wide, like this, and rotated my hips around and around for them”, she was now on her back reenacting her dance. “ they surrounded me and I fingered myself, deep and slow and looked at the stiff cocks standing over me. I rubbed myself and stared at one then the next and they were all stroking themselves as they looked at me from my face to my tits to my belly to my wet pussy.”

She was doing just that as I listened and watched her. She took time to finger herself now, slowly with her eyes closed and her hips raised and rotating as she worked herself to arousal again. When her eyes opened, I was standing above her and looking at her pussy, and, to my amazement, she slid her own fist in!

“See, I put my fist inside myself I was so wet from the night!”, she said as I watched her grind her fist inside herself. I was stroking my engorged shaft, becoming part of her story. She told me more, “they were watching me raise my hips and fuck myself, they watched me squeeze my tits between my arms as I rubbed my clit until, finally, one of them shot his juice on me followed by the rest! I watched each of them shoot their hot cream on me, on my belly, on my tits, in my hair and I came as they did!”

I was ready to do the same and Mary knew it as she stared at me stroking myself. “Want it again?”, I asked as I jacked myself above her. She raised herself and offered her body to me, “Yes, yes, shoot on me, give me your cum, honey” and my juice spurted from my cock head as I stroked myself until I had no more to give.

Mary lay on the carpet, her tits and stomach displaying my cream before she slowly spread it on her body. I knelt down with her face below my emptied cock. She opened her mouth to accept me and I lowered my face to her waiting cunt. Quickly, I licked along the length of her slit, from her clit to her ass. Her juice had flowed to her asshole and I held the back of her thighs wide as I pushed her ass open with my tongue.

Mary adjusted her hips to permit me full access and I licked, probed and gently bit near her hole. Soon, I went to her pussy and took her inner folds into my mouth and sucked them. I was fingering her and biting her inner lips as I worked a couple of fingers in her willing pussy. She had my semi-erect cock in her mouth but was moaning and ignored it as she let me service her.

Within a few more minutes of my mouth and fingers on her cunt, clit and asshole, she pressed her legs together and held them rigid as she raised her hips and I struggled to continue eating her. Soon, she was moaning loudly and bouncing her hips against the carpeted floor as I bit, sucked and licked her inner folds and used both of my hands to finger fuck her pussy and asshole. Mary came in a loud and long cry as she thrashed her head around and grasped at the carpet as her orgasm washed over her.

Quiet now, we rested on the floor side by side.

Back From The Party
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Back From The Party
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Back From The Party by SDBeachGuy Erotic Story Competition Story 25

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