Those Sexy Tricks That Actually Turn Men Off

Tantalizing texts and revealing outfits may drive guys wild in movies and books, but in real life? “Men are never satisfied by women who try to keep their attention by wearing sexy clothes and spending a lot of time in the mirror,” for instance, Even subtle signals you’d expect him to find sexy can lower his libido. So in the post I am going to cover some of the gimmicks that just don’t get him going, and how to transform them into effective turn-ons.

Those Sexy Tricks That Actually Turn Men OffPutting it on with a trowel

Men like women who look polished and presentable. It’s the Marilyn Monroe lips paired with smoky eyes and layers of foundation that may have your guy asking, “Where are you under there?” Simply put, “men like natural,” Good taste will attract men, and exaggeration will turn them away. Less is more here, so try enhancing your look with these makeup-free ideas.

Planning Sex

Suggestive texts can get your partner’s heart pumping, but including a time to get busy pressures him to perform. Messages like, “Waiting for you to come home, big shot,” or “I’m yours after yoga tonight” make sex predictable, which can floor a man’s excitement, While making time for sex, ups the chances you’ll have it, set the appointment in your mind only. And keep your texts less specific, like “Looking forward to spending time with you soon,” or “Let’s get a babysitter sometime.

Doing it in the dark

Men are highly visual beings there’s a reason we love watching TV in high definition. So they’d love to see as much as possible during sex too. Insisting on doing the deed in the dark makes him think you’re more interested in how you look than how he makes you feel. And your insecurity can rain on his parade. If you’re not comfortable in the spotlight, head to a room with a dimmer switch, or light a few candles.

Faking It

We all know reaching orgasm isn’t easy for women. In fact, the average woman is going to take about 20 minutes to climax. And who has that much time? Many women think they have to get there for their mates to believe they’ve done a good job, but “men take it as you not being real,” If a guy feels you’re lying to him during an intimate moment, he may doubt he means much to you. So let him know when he turns you on, but don’t fake a grand finale if it doesn’t happen.

Getting wankered

While a bit of dutch can loosen you up, beware of abusing its power. “When anyone gets out of control, it becomes unattractive and embarrassing.” There’s nothing sexy about your partner scraping you off the floor or begging you not to leave your boss an expletive-laced voicemail at 2 A.M. Keep your limit in mind if you go out for drinks, and stop a few sips short to play it safe.

Directing the Scene

There’s a difference between being assertive and taking over the production in the bedroom. “Give hints about where you find pleasure,” but you don’t want him to feel inept or controlled by nonstop directions. Bossiness doesn’t rank high on the sexy scale. Instead of mandating your the moves, speak up when he hits the perfect spot or remind him how good it felt when he explored a certain part of your body before. He’d rather discover he’s pushed the right buttons than be told exactly where to find them.

Those Sexy Tricks That Actually Turn Men Off
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Those Sexy Tricks That Actually Turn Men Off
I think we have all been told to try sexy gimmicks that just don’t get him going & turn men off, here's how to transform your luck into effective turn-ons.
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Those Sexy Tricks That Actually Turn Men Off

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