Why you should keep the lights on during sex!

Why you should keep the lights on during sex!

OK if you are sexually active you will have had the chat with a partner or had felt a bit insecure about having sex with the lights on? Well, you are definitely not alone, a freaking energy supplier “Boost” ran a survey and found that seven in ten people usually choose to turn out the lights when getting intimate with a lover.

As I read this I was screaming Why? Apparently, its because those asked said they are not as comfortable under bright lights and feel less self-conscious in the dark. So with this site, I am trying to help you change to become more confident (confidence is sexy) and overcome issues. There are many decent reasons you need to support your partner to change this trend or learn to be all lit up. So I am not saying a spotlight or turned up full but a nice tale light for which you can see the other person their curves, their bumps, there eyes and smile, below I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t flick the switch.

You can see what you’re doing

Lots of us require/like those delicate, precise touches in pretty sexy spots in order to increase their pleasure and in some terms a likelihood of orgasm. Imagine doing your work in the dark fumbling about clumsily, you’re less likely to get that correct, and sex might be less satisfying for them as a result. All because of the light. Hell, your partner has chosen to have sex with you because you like the look of them and what is more sex then seeing your sexy other half-naked in bed, on the sofa, in the car.

Its a-lot safer!

If you’re having sex using a condom to protect against STIs or unplanned pregnancy, having a light on will allow you to check there are no rips in the rubber, air bubbles trapped in the teat or even see it bursting. Talking about STIs yes a lot are none visible to the eye but you will definitely be able to see cleanliness etc with the lights on.

Why you should keep the lights on during sex!

The look on your partners face seeing how you’re doing.

We have written a few posts on being open and explaining what you like and don’t and I feel that fucking with the lights off is really going to be breaking a major part of communication. In the dark, you will not be able to see facial expressions and be hidden by from the important sexual feedback. How can you see if your partner is smiling, has there mouth open gasping in with the look of ecstasy and concentration as they near climax? Or are they frowning, looking unnerved, or uncomfy?

Fuck, you are hot (yes you) you need to show it off!

So let’s get down to it, turning on the lights while getting intimate might initially seem incredibly intimidating if you’re not massively confident about your body. The study, in fact, said 41% said they felt less self-conscious in the dark. Like I have already said though while you may have some hang-ups about taking your clothes off without the lights off, the chances are that your partner finds you sexy as hell and will appreciate the show. They won’t focus on the bullshit you see of yourself to have, that one ball slightly bigger, the little hair of a boob. Over that feeling of vulnerability by just saying Fuck it! if we’re fucking, then I’m not going to give a care about what I look like. Building your confidence will strengthen your relationship and a friend said once Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn.

Why you should keep the lights on during sex!

It will help you stay awake

Flicking that switch and turning off the light out, and you’re so much more likely to pass out, without having that sexy moment together, I am not staying your partner is bored of you and falling asleep halfway through (if that happens that’s something else) I mean it scientific darkness helps sleep. If this keeps happens over and over, you can bet it will lead to a stale, dissatisfaction sexual relationship. So yeah keeping the lights on can give you that extra burst of energy you need.

Ok so we have talked about the hot side looking at and show off bodies and it sound cringe to say but hell eye contact makes you more connected. Looking into your lover’s eyes can deepen your connection making the act of love feel more personal and less like two bodies blindly shoving parts in and out. Please try it tonight, leave the light on, try in during the day if you can, light a bunch of candles if you wanna start small and let us all know what was different.

Why you should keep the lights on during sex!
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Why you should keep the lights on during sex!
OK if you are sexually active you will have had the chat with a partner or had felt a bit insecure about having sex with the lights on?
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Why you should keep the lights on during sex!

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