Life-Like 3D Printed Erotica is Here

Ready to be scanned in 3d

Ready to be scanned in 3d

Sex sells, and so does 3D printing.

We have all become familiar with the various figurines and miniature statues companies have been producing via the wonders of 3D scanning and printing technologies we in fact have just got one in the office and have been busy printing things out. You are now able to get a miniature version of yourself 3D printed with extraordinary detail. There are actually several companies out there who are able to 3D scan you or even use 2D images to render a 3D model in your likeness. We did a blog on printing your own toys the other week as well so the market is there!

As with any new idea or technology, it was only a matter of time before the we and the rest of the adult entertainment industry found a way to use it to make money and bring a truly real person approach. That’s just what one company based out of Berlin, Germany, called Digital Sports Innovation, has done. Recently they’ve launched an entire online marketplace, called, filled with dozens of limited edition photo-realistic 3D printed figurines of some of the hottest erotic stars in the industry today.

With figurines of stars, nude or scantily clad, available starting at just £30 for a 1:15 scaled replica, and going up to £300 for a 1:5 scaled replica, there is a nude 3D print for everyone (well, maybe not everyone). The smallest of the 3D printed models are between 4 to 7 inches in height, while the largest are well over a foot tall, and can weigh as much as 20 oz.

eroticart-shop-roberta-gemma-v1-front-1-5eroticart-shop-josy-black-front-1-10Each figurine, which is printed using a polymer clay material in a powder-bed 3D printer and then hand finished by a trained artist, has an incredibly realistic look to it. Each figurine will arrive at your doorstep in a plain box that doesn’t scream, “I just bought a 3D model of a naked woman.” Within the box you will find a lavish gift box that includes a Certificate of Authenticity as well as care and safety instructions.

Erotic stars available in a variety of poses, with and without clothes on, include: Bonnie Rotten, Jessica Drake, Josy Black, Holly Showstrip, Micaela Schäfer, Natalie Hot, Pam Kiss, PussyKat, Roberta Gemma, Texas Patti, and Vivian Schmitt. The themes of the figurines range anywhere from ‘dominatrix’ to a ‘boxer’ to an ‘office girl,’ providing plenty of variety to those who are interested in this type of thing. Whether you have already clicked over to the website to order your first 3D printed erotic model, or you have no interest in such a thing, there is little doubt that 3D printing has just entered the mainstream. Now the only question that remains is: when will the 1:1 scaled models become available?

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Life-Like 3D Printed Erotica is Here

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