“A House of Colours” Part 7 – Obedience

As the girls dozed high in the garden it was Dark who heard it first. “The Goddesses bell” she spoke to her two companions. “Time for us to serve”.

Red rubbed her eyes, she was still a little tired from her late night moment with her Mistress, “May I ask girls why do you use the words Goddess sometimes and Mistresses” she inquired  Dark helped her up and then turned to White to do the same, still silenced by her gag. “We just find it easier to refer to them in the plural as our Mistresses, yet Saffron on her own is the Goddess and Raven is the Mistress when in the singular, that’s just how it is and always has been”. It was an answer to the question but Red hadn’t asked the right question to get the answer she wanted to understand, and that was simply who belongs to who? Did Dark belong to Raven and White to Saffron as the colours would suggest? She hadn’t seen enough interaction to be sure but that was the logical assumption based on her understanding of this sort of relationship, but that left her wondering where she fitted in.

As they walked down the lawn to a patiently awaiting ‘Goddess’ the girl reminded herself that she was merely a guest and she would enjoy her weekend. Looking at Dark and White walking hand in hand beside her in their tied blouses revealing their tight tummies she did the same as best she could to emulate their look by rolling up and knotting her t-shirt before reaching for Whites hand who reacted immediately by lacing fingers with her. Together they stepped up onto the the decking in front of a smiling Saffron, standing with her hands behind her back, now dressed in a long white skirt with a split up to the thigh, a white bra and short leather jacket, finished in white heels, her long blonde hair loosely fell around and past her shoulders. Red realised this was almost identical to the black outfit worn in the hotel restaurant by her Mistress, just a little more revealing for the privacy of the garden.

Once onto the decking Dark and White knelt before the woman with their heads bowed and Red followed suit. From behind her back she produced 3 leather leashes, 2 White and 1 Black, she clipped one of each to Dark and White’s collars. “Red, do you wish to be led?” she asked “Pl-please … er… Goddess” she stuttered as she hesitated calling her ‘Mistress.’ The woman responded by then leaning down and rather than attaching to the delicate silk collar, wrapped it around her neck and looped it through itself. “Thank you” the girl added.

“Now, your Mistress is in the gym so before we find her I’d like a walk in the garden myself to pick some flowers for the house” with the three leashes in one hand she reached for some scissors from the garden table and began to walk towards the decking steps, slowly enough for the girls to stand and follow her, for a moment Red had imagined she would be leading them around on her hands and knees. Red also picked up on what had been said by the Goddess, ‘your Mistress’ was that to just her, or all of them? She decided to let the worry go and cleared her mind.

Saffron walked slowly along the flower bed edge, cutting flowers as she went with the 3 girls behind her, in silence. Red reflected on this moment, a moment of calm, no talking, just silence. What was this teaching them? Patience perhaps, or maybe a reminder that they are merely muses, pets of the Mistresses in every way and therefore treated as such by restricting their free roaming around the property like this. It was quite pleasant, a far cry from the online image of D/s relationships of pain and a purely sexual experience. Then she felt that it was quite sexy. The 3 girls scantily clad, barefoot in the garden, being led by a Mistress minimally dressed in white leather. Reds mind could feel a sense of anticipation as they walked back down towards the house of what may happen next, excited to learn more of what a normal day was in the house.


As they reached the decking once more the white Mistress placed the flowers on the table. “Kneel please Dark, Red” she spoke softly. Although unsighted Dark tipped her head down to the floor and knelt as she did, putting her hands behind her back. Red followed suit and knelt with her head facing down. “Hands behind you Red” the Goddess gently added. Red did so immediately and kept looking straight down. Hearing the sound of Whites gag being undone, followed by the unmistakable sound of deep kissing and gentle moaning from White. Red knelt there staring down but feeling the compelling urge to look. Once over White could be heard catching her breathe just briefly before the gag was replaced and White herself joined the others on the decking once again kneeling. The heels of the Goddess stepped now in front of Dark who stood up. Red now finding it even harder no to look as the same gentle tender moans of a passionate kiss where exchanged barely a foot from her. Dark knelt once more as the heels now stood before Red herself. Looking at her heeled feet, up her legs, the split in the skirt up to her thigh. Nervously she looked up feeling her heart in her mouth, the gentle face above her nodding gently to her as she stood, the womans hands gently guided the girls head towards hers and their mouths met. Red found herself in a delicate, sensuous exploratory first kiss with the Goddess which was over far too quickly in mere moments. Swallowing hard as she settled back down to her kneeling position she did what she could to calm her breathing. Amazed at the effect of the moment just a kiss could bring with the anticipation leading up to it.”Good girls” the woman praised” Right, lets put these flowers in my office” She suggested, “up please girls” and with that the girls stood and they were led as before now into the house. As they reached the stairs Raven was returning from the gym dressed in black sports bra top, leggings and trainers, a most unusual attire for Red to see her Mistress in.
“Doesn’t this look a lovely sight to greet me” she said on seeing the group as they climbed the stairs in unison. On reaching the bedroom she added “I need a quick shower and then I’ll join you, Red would you like to come with me a moment” the girl replied by nodding frantically as her leash was handed over “Unless you have plans I’ll take Dark from you as well please my dear” she directed to Saffron who handed over the second leash “White and I will be just fine won’t we my pet” the girl nodding happily in response. White was led up to the office on the roof as Dark was sat on the bed and told to wait by Raven who then directed Red into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom alone Red desperately wanted to feel her touch as she walked towards her, the tender kiss from the Goddess still lingering in her mind. The mistress stood before her. A slightly menacing look in her eye. She gently began unthreading the white leash from her neck, she held it hanging in her teeth as she then proceeded to lift Reds t-shirt over her head freeing her pert breasts, as she got the garment off she twisted it and hooked it through a towel ring on the wall. The Mistress silently and slillfully used it to tie her hands together so her arms where restricted and the girl had to stand sideways on to the bathroom wall. The Mistresses eyes frowned at the girl, a hand then gripped her face firmly by the jaw with one hand took the leash from her mouth into the other. tightening the grip on the girls face she leaned into her “Did you kiss her my pet?” she frowned down at the now frightened girl, panicking that she had done wrong by kissing the Goddess in the garden, a wave of fear she had done something wrong came over her, she only wanted to please her Mistress. “I said you were my pet, no one elses” with that she launched into a hard kiss onto and into Reds mouth, roughly kissing the girl, pushing her weight into her.

After a few fierce moments she broke off, she took the leash and pulled it tightly between her two hands as a sinister look came over her face. “Some people have no imagination when it comes to accessories, and in white of all colours. You need a lesson” she scowled, pulling Reds shorts down revealing her naked cheeks and turning her to the wall. The Mistress pulled the folded leash tight and raised it in her hand. Hesitating for a moment, she then swung the leather towards Reds bare skin where it ‘cracked’ across her upper thigh and cheek. Red felt the sting and tensed her body as the Mistress raised her hand once more. ‘Crack’ it went almost in the same spot again, accentuating the pain as Red closed her eyes hard to hide her tears. “If you tense it will hurt more little one” the Mistress bellowed. Red breathing shallowly tried to relax ‘CRACK’ again though this time higher up her back and she arched to try and compensate for the pain. The mistress crouched next to her, running her fingers along the lines appearing on her back as the blood rushed to the surface of the impacted skin “You do remember our word don’t you little one?” Gasping for breathe though the stinging pain Red managed to answer “Ye-yes Mistress” “Hmm” was the only reply as she stood once more followed by ‘CRACK’ across the back of the thigh, and ‘CRACK’ again to her already red glowing cheek followed by a whimper from Red, tears now dripping down her faces. “Try again little one, you do remember our word, don’t you? Think before you answer” With that Red focused, tried to calm her breathing, what had she said, “Yes MY Mistress, MY Mistress” She hoped that subtle difference was what was needed. “That’s the lesson little one” she pushed her down to her knees so her arms were held above hanging from the towel ring.

She placed the leather strap over Reds eyes and wrapped it around her head passing her field of vision three times, not enough to block her vision completely just enough to hinder it, through one eye she could just about see. “Stop your pathetic sobbing” the woman scowled as she left the bathroom. Returning moments later Red kept her gaze away, hearing her and now Dark in the bathroom, trying to see from the corner of the room through her partially blocked sight she could make out the two bodies stepping into the large shower.

The noises she heard were gentle, fun, even giggling from Dark “Oh Mistress” Red would hear as the pair frolicked in the water just feet from her. Red gripped at the towel ring herself, trying to fight the feelings inside her. Trying her best to not say a word, fighting against the noise of joy and pleasure being experienced in the cubicle. “That’s it my special pet” she would hear “Good Dark, more” the praise echoing through Reds mind as she battled with her place in all this. She felt jealousy, plain and simple. This was more painful than the strap had been. This was torture. Her Mistress, who she was so desperate to be with, barely feet away under rushing water as she had been herself the previous week but with someone else. Screams got louder in the cubicle, raising to an inevitable crescendo.

The shower turned off, Red bowed her head low as the pair emerged from the shower and walked past her. Questions in her head of what had she done wrong, had she now behaved as necessary, was she merely being played with, like a fifth wheel in the already harmonious party, if that was the case, did she still want to stay, just one word and she could leave.

The Mistress returned to the bathroom alone, untied the girls arms and crouched by her side as she removed the strap from her eyes. She helped her up in silence and led her to the shower and turned it on once more and they stepped into the running water. The Mistress held Red close to her as they stood beneath the water, cradling her to her chest. “What is it you want Red?” The woman asked “Is it sexual, is it lust, or is it love? Do you know what you need to fill that empty feeling?” she lifted the girls head up with her finger tips and pushed her gently to the glass shower wall, moving in to kiss her as she did before there could be an answer to the questions. The questions that lingered in Red’s mind as the Mistress kissed her passionately as the water ran down their bodies, her hands caressing her, what was it Red needed? Was it just the sexual experience she was getting now with her Mistress? Was it the love such as the simple kiss in the garden? Was it the friendship shown to her by White and Dark since she had arrived? The Mistress turned her around and gently pushed her forwards into the glass, turning her head sideways as she leaned on her and kissed her neck. The Mistresses hands gently traced the marks on her thigh, ass and lower back before they wrapped around the girls waist and found her sex. Red felt her breathing deepen, as she relaxed into the touch of the invading fingers, placing her own hands down to join them “hands up my pet, I want to do this to you” she growled. Red raised her hands, stretching out her fingers against the glass and then when the inevitable moment hit she clenched her fists tightly as her orgasm shook her.

As she calmed down in her Mistresses arms with her head on her chest she realised the answer to her question “I just want you Mistress” she whispered as she was patted on the back. With the height advantage the Mistress kissed and nuzzled the girls head “But can you share me my pet?” Red looked up as her Mistress looked back down at her, she wanted to say yes but it was hard “I’m not sure Mistress” a line delivered with a heart broken look in her eyes. The Mistress smiled “Little one, you make me proud with your honesty, it shows true inner strength” Her hand raised gently to the girls silk collar “Don’t ever become the person who simply says what people want to hear from you. Keep that resolve and you’ll accomplish great things. We shall talk again later, just know for now that I am pleased with your behaviour so far”. The Mistress stepped from the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, passing one to Red. “Get dressed and then go and have a proper look in the library, take anything you like, when you leave her Monday you may have it as a gift to remember me by”.

“Thank you Mistress” Red replied humbly and left the room, passing Dark who was laying on the Mistresses bed in her towel and blindfold, turning her head as she heard Reds footsteps walk past. When Red returned from her bedroom with fresh shorts and tshirt Dark was drying the Mistresses hair, as she had done to her in the hotel. Blindfold now raised she smiled at Red as she passed while the Mistress didn’t move, she simply walked silently passed them and disappeared out towards the stairs. As she headed to the library her mind was full, another fifth wheel moment, with White and the Goddess together in the office and Dark with Raven, Red could see that this experience, the weekend was for her to learn from, to decide what she wanted in life, a great moment but such torture when it was her Mistress she longed to be with, not someone else filling in the role. She entered the library and breathed a deep sigh. Books. Beautiful books. A destination of many escapes in her past but time now to choose something as a memento of her stay in the house.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 7 – Obedience

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